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Sunday, March 4, 2012

a new era

sup land of le blog,

over the past few years i have lacked in the blogging area. mainly due to infrequent internet connections because im moved house or for some other equally stupid reason. ANYWHO, this is not the case not i have moved into my new place, Wonderland, where i have a constant internet connection.

So i look forward to annoying you all with my constant updates of nonsense and such!

WEEEEEEE *dances*



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new tattoo ftw

sup all blogsters,

once again im going to start this blog with an apology to you all for my lack of entries recently. i kinda fail net wise at the moment since my only connection is via my phone which is a complete whore to blog on. some nerd i am, not even able to regularly connect to the net.

so the point of this blog is to talk about my favourite topic, TATTOOS.

everyyyyyone knows how much i love tattoos and how, at the age of 20, i only have 5 :( they consist of stars on right foot, norse ruins in the webbing of my left hand, elvish on my left wrist, the heart and crown of a claddah on the small of my back and the quote 'fool of a took' from lotr across my right shoulder blade. my next tattoo, i believe, is the most perfect and suiting tattoo i could ever get.

a black kitty :)

now, ive had this blog for over 2 years now and ive not once mentioned my real name, in fact ive strictly avoided mentioning it, however for the purpose of this blog i will use my real name which is Kat. Do you now see why a black kitty tattoo is so amazingly perfect for me?

so now i ask you, is there a tattoo design that suits you through and through? the complete embodiment of who you are? if so what is it?

i believe the best thing is when you see someones tatts and straight away think 'that suit them'. its such a rare thing now to get a tattoo that reflects who the person is.

anywho, think about it my blogsters!

love love love love


Thursday, March 24, 2011

i wish all wookies were this cute

Some old painting...

Hi all my lovely bloggers!

Its been a while, ive become horribly slack in my blogging and im sorry for that. I remember the days when i would post 2 or 3 blogs a day and now im struggling to find time to post one every month!

Anywho, i recently moved out of home (by recently i mean like 2 months ago) but ive only just managed to get my art supplies from my old place. This of course means that at the moment im on an art binge and loving it. From watercolours to acrylic to spray paint to body paint and everything else. Because of my lovely binge i was going thru some of my old body painting and came across a couple that im yet to post onto here.

The first one is of my lovely little brother Andy (who is in no way related to me but still likes to be called my little brother) who is topless and bearing a swallow and a banner.

The second is of my Tash Dash with roses down her back and a skull at the base of her hip. Now, i wouldnt be able to paint that on her anymore since she has some epic ink all down her side which would iterfer with any large back pieces...

Im hoping that now i have my supplies back that i will start to paint more and more which is tres awesome. Now i just need to invest in a decent camera....

Well thats all for now my blogger gremlins,


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

la la la

so i feel like quite a shitty blogger at the moment- nothing interesting happens in my life anymore! well thats kinda a lie- lots of interesting things happen to me but theyre all things that are best not spoken about on blogger.

anyway i just wanted to tell you all that im still alive, im still weird, im still reading lots and im still getting pierced and tattooed (im up to 18 piercings and 5 tatts FUCK YEH).

i will try and get back to you guys when i have something more worth your while!

love love love<


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

GAP talk

hey y'all,

It seems like ages ago that i was writing blog entries from my living room in top flat yet it was only just over a year that i returned. i still miss enlgand likecrazy, i miss the constant green and if its not green then its covered in snow. i miss the bright yellow fields of rape seed that look like someone got bored and decided to paint a square of nature the colour of sunshine. i miss my kids who used to talk to me about harry potter and why i always changed my nail colour. i miss being being strong- not because i could but because i had to be.

and now i get to talk to a year level about it. last week lattitude (the company that organises gap years) emailed me and asked if i could go back to my old high school, OLMC and talk for 45 mins about the program and my experiences. at the moment im torn between being nervous and being excited. theres about 120 girls that i have to talk :S

anyway, wish me luck and lets hope i dont accidently swear too much!!!


Thursday, November 25, 2010


hells yeh! disturbed is coming to melbourne. i think i can die happily now.

for all those who dont know the awesomeness that is disturbed then you have not lived yet.

for those who LOVE disturbed and havent heard the awesome news then i feel special to be the one to inform you.

Rod Laver Arena, April 24th 2011

be there or die.

love helsinki