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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So Yesterday

I don’t want to tell you too much about this book because truly I found so yesterday in a library quite a few years ago now before I even knew who Scott Westerfeld was. I thought to myself "oh my god so the song ha ha ha well this is going to be a chick flick. lets read it and see if it mentions Hilary Duff" and I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t read the blurb but to just start reading it and surprisingly it opened up my eyes to the medias influence on the way we think and how the youth of today can somehow change that and save our souls.
Hunter, the main character, is the narrator of the story and takes us through his role as a "cool hunter". He meets this girl, Jen, who is known as an innovator. She changes her laces almost every day, wears no brand clothing... basically she is a god.
And that is all I shall give away! A truly awesome story that got me obsessed with Scott Westerfeld ever since.
I give this book 5 out of 5 because of the fond memory i have starting the journey of many books that’s changed my life.
Jinx xx
The Blind Sisters

update: googling the cover image to this was a happy reminder that Hilary Duff is second to Scott Westerfeld mwahahahahaha

Monday, April 28, 2008

Harry Potter and The Philosphers Stone

Well there isnt much to say on this book cause if you havent read it you must live in a hole.

Ok well this is written in the most basic english possible, Rowling must have aimed it at a much younger audience then the latter books. Despite some difficulty some might have at grasping the concepts of the wizarding world the main character, Harry, is drawn into upon finding out he is a wizard, it is a relatively simple book to understand.

Well the book is based on a young wizard new to the world of magic. Despite the allure of such a world, Harry learns that there are bad things in every world, as well as mysteries, especially at his new school Hogwarts. With new found friends, Ron and Hermione, Harry goes through his school year with ups and downs, finding out things he never knew about himself and his lost family. Exploring the world of magic, Harry unravels a plot that could alter the wizarding world forever.

Overall i would give it 3 1/2 out of 5. I still reakon that some of the other in the series are better. I will review the others as i go along.

Much Luv,


The Blind Sisters

Skulduggery Pleasant

Who ever thought that there was a book out there that had a character named Skulduggery Pleasant who was actually a skeleton man? And he’s the good guy…and he fights people made out of paper…while also taking care of a thirteen year old girl who is the more important then what you think.
Yep you guessed it! This book I have right here! *pats book beside me*
Adventure takes on fantasy, where a girl named Stephanie Edgley is mourning over her famous uncle’s death when she finds in his will that he has left everything to her. This is including his mansion and the proceeds from his best-selling books. At the reading of the will she meets a strange man covered in a pretty strange disguise, later revealed as Skulduggery Pleasant and she finds that there is a whole world out there that’s waiting for her.

I really, really enjoyed this book. It’s humorous, adventurous and has fireballs thrown in the equation! I rate this book 5 out of 5.

Update: his new book is out now called “Skulduggery Pleasant. Playing with fire” and I’m currently reading this book now.
I defiantly like it; it certainly has much more adventure then the first. The only thing is all the new characters have such similar names I always get confused with who they’re talking about and worse they all seem to have the same motive which is even more confusing. They all seem to be the same person in my head until Landy (author) finally shoves a clue as to who he’s writing about that’s the trigger to my memory box! Apart from that very, very enjoyable

Shall finish it soon to blog!

Jinx xx

The Blind Sisters


WELL this is gunna be a looooong entry. Im stuck in the middle of relgion class so i figured i might as well make it productive and write this blog.

SO Eragon is a novel aimed at teenage boys but somehow earned my love. Now since im no pretty girl but rather boyish with an unhealthy obsession with weapons you can understand why i am drawn to this book. It is written in relatively simple english, which pretty much means you wont be struggling over big words or anything.

Eragon is a book based on an orphan boy who lives on a farm with his uncle and cousin in the forgotten area of his world, Alagaesia. He knows nothing of his parents except that his mother appeared 15 years from when the books is set, dressed as a noble woman, seeking refuge in her brothers home. Upon giving birth to Eragon she begs her brother and sister in law to raise Eragon before leaving. Now a young man, Eragon leads a peaceful life, happy with his lot- until on a hunting trip he comes across a bright blue stone. He takes the stone home, unaware of how such a small thing will change his life forever. Soon the 'stone' hatches, revealing a beautiful baby dragon. The birth of this dragin spurrs the world of Alagaesia, setting things in motion that only Eragon, now apart of the legendary dragon riders, can change. His quest begins, first out of revenge but soon out of want to save Alagaesia from its despotic ruler, Galbatorix.

I love this book. Simple as that. It read it years ago and fell in love with how it drew me away into another world. 5 out of 5. Easy.

Keep reading because i'll add a blog on Eldest, Brisingr theories and the Eragon movie so if you're as Eragon obsessed as me then we're in for some fun.

Much Luv,


The Blind Sisters

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering heights by Emily Brontё is a classic novel studied for literature in many secondary schools. Ok I know what you’re thinking and I’m pretty sure Helsinki will agree with you about it being terrible but truly it is a beautiful novel.
Although people say it was unrealistic, boring and something that shouldn’t be studied in schools I believe that it is a fantastic example of what true love is and how much people can suffer for what they truly want. The story takes place on the Yorkshire moors in the 19th century and captures the end of a long journey of Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliffs twisted, sick but passionate love. However as Emily Brontё narrates in the movie (1992 version) “not a smile at any part of it” because, much like a lot of love stories this unresolved passion eventually destroys both themselves and many others around them. The story involves two narrators, Nelly and Lockwood as they explain (in their own personal point of views) how each character acted and what they did. Although, as my literature class found, this made our opinions of some of the characters clouded and we weren’t sure how to react with Nelly’s point of view because we didn’t know whether it was the full facts. I enjoyed this novel more because I read it in a small class of students where everyone was passionate about debating and reading and therefore we got a very good response. As we found you can discuss Wuthering heights for hours on end and have your eyes opened up even more to the ideas.
The movie was a fantastic interpretation of Wuthering heights and I am so happy that a movie kept to the script of the book. FINALLY! The only thing that changed in the movie to the book was the narrator and how it changed to Emily Brontё which I found so much better because you got the raw character, heard things from their own mouth and was interpreted by how the author saw them. And really I’ll take her word over everyone’s. Come on she kinda created the characters!
All in all I rate this amazing, original story 4 out of 5. The mark taken off for admittedly being a bit slow
A heads up: there are many versions of Wuthering heights if you don’t like my beloved Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort from harry potter). There is an mtv version where Heathcliff is changed to heath etc and the classic older version of Wuthering heights done in the 40s where Laurence Olivier plays Heathcliff. Unfortunately this version has been deleted off the lists to order in from anywhere because of how old it is. Shame shame 
Be back soon with more!
Jinx xx
The Blind Sisters

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Host

Ok, so OFFICIALLY this book isnt out yet but because Jinks is wicked she got a bound draft sent to her from the publishing company. Now when it comes to Stephanie meyer books i like them but i dont wanna go out and marry Edward or move to a rainy area. They were good books but nothing stunning. However The Host was.

The Host is based from the perspective of an alien who latched onto host bodies as a parasite. Currently these aliens have dominated Earth with their superior knowledge, despite being fully against acts of violence. Now when these aliens take over a body they smother the mind left in there. Which gives us a story. When veteran soul (the name given to the aliens) takes over a womans body she learns that she isnt alone in her head. The host, Melanie, is still very much in there, talking and persuading the soul to do certain things. Its not long before the soul and her constant companian, Melanie, go out of aliens perfect society to find the things that made Melanie so human.

The Host is written magically. Considering it is from the soul and Melanies perspective it could have been really hard to read yet Meyer clearly defines each character making it easy to tell whos talking and when. the storyline keeps you hooked and at least in this book the soul ends up with the right guy (unlike Twilight....Bella should have been with Jacob...)

Contains violence, kissing scenes and scenes that make you wanna throw the book away in anger to characters.

I'll give it a 4 1/2 out of 5.

Hopefully when it comes out you will enjoy it. I need to buy a completed copy when it comes so i can see just how much they chopped out.

Much Lvu,


The Blind Sisters

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bridge to Wisemans Cove

Ok WELL this book is pretty much forced upon all high school students in Victoria so it does tend to be loathed. Though once you get past the hate factor it really is a wicked book that sends the reader on a emotional rollarcoster.

So its based on a character named Carl who along with his younger brother, Harley, are shipped off to his bogan aunt near the bay after his mother goes missing and his nineteen year old sister crumbles under the pressure of raising two young boys. Despite being naturally awkward he takes on the role of caring for his younger brother. Upon arriving at the beach he learns that there is an inbred hatred towards anyone bearing his last name. Carl meets a variety of people during his time with his Aunt and learns just how to live life and to stop 'playing dead'.

Included times that will make you cry, love scenes and heart warming moments.

Will give it a 3 1/2 out of 5. If you hate this book from studying it please read it again once your more mature because you'll find it means more now.

Much Luv,


The Blind Sisters

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Max by Michael Hyde is just one of my childhood books that shaped the way I think. Michael writes other novels like "change the game" which are those cool books that let you change your own ending. Yeah I know! They’re still around!
Max is a boy around the age of 17. His friend has recently committed suicide and through this short but sweet story it shows how each person in max’s life, including himself deals with this sudden loss. While his father tries to come to terms with it by trying to randomly bond with his two sons Max escapes in his beautiful graffiti that seem to put him in a trance and help him release anger as well as confusion. However, graffiti is of course illegal so when trying to help himself with this loss he’s constantly getting into trouble.

I loved this book because I’d never read anything like it. The way he explains how he paints makes the reader feel like your right up there with him. I could smell the paint, I could see the wall, I could feel the cold night air. It was completely amazing.
I had read Tyger Tyger before I read Max and I guess I would suggest to do the same because his style of writing is very unusual and it takes a while to get used to, but Tyget Tyger is more in the norm but still very cool.

I rate Max
4 1/2 out of 5. half taken off because of the random ending!

and now read my pretties READ!
our books are dying! READ!

Update: Hes new release at the moment is “hey Joe”

Jinx xx

The Blind Sisters

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

jinx says hi

afternoon all and welcome to the blind sisters blog. this is jinx reporting finally. its taken a while but i am here in the flesh baby!....dont know rocky?...well...fine!
so yes just dropped by to say hello. i have been doing my media assingment which has taken some time but finally i am getting somewhere. and who knows maybe i shall ask cool people who comment this to come along and be my extras for my final. its tre cool. you get to be painted white! and of course helsinki is the artist. shes good at art. as you can see by the fabulous artwork!

i shall be back later to start blogging some books!

catch you guys on the flip side!

jinx xx

The Blind Sisters

Planning and Plotting

so been thinking about the order of the books we'll write reviews on. Jinks will proabably start with the all famous Twilight as shes an Edward supporter. Later on i might write from a Jacob supporters perspective for all those passionate people out there. I'll probably start with a younger aged book but just as well known, Eragon. That and Eldest need to be reviewed before the third book comes out in september. I'll probably review The Host by Stephanie Meyer cause Jinks didnt really like that whereas i prefered it over Twilight. Hopefully that will get done before it comes out as Jinks got a pre-sale copy from her work. It isnt the last draft or anything but it was from the publisher and pretty intresting. Jinks has claim to all Scott Westerfeld books as is her right. Ill do the under rated Rangers Apprentice novels by australian author John Flanagan. Once again these books are for younger audiences but there full of accurate facts about weaponary and battle stratergies n alike. Anyway that should keep us going for a while. Signing off for now.

Much Luv,


The Blind Sisters

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Starting Up

Well hey this is the first blog up so yay to me. This is Helsinki at the moment as Jinks is currently occupied with some media thingy that had her stressing like hell before. Anyway we're gunna start with our favourite books and move outwards reading as we go. Feel free to suggest books cause we'll run out of supplies soon enough.

Much luv, Helsinki.

The Blind Sisters