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Monday, April 28, 2008


WELL this is gunna be a looooong entry. Im stuck in the middle of relgion class so i figured i might as well make it productive and write this blog.

SO Eragon is a novel aimed at teenage boys but somehow earned my love. Now since im no pretty girl but rather boyish with an unhealthy obsession with weapons you can understand why i am drawn to this book. It is written in relatively simple english, which pretty much means you wont be struggling over big words or anything.

Eragon is a book based on an orphan boy who lives on a farm with his uncle and cousin in the forgotten area of his world, Alagaesia. He knows nothing of his parents except that his mother appeared 15 years from when the books is set, dressed as a noble woman, seeking refuge in her brothers home. Upon giving birth to Eragon she begs her brother and sister in law to raise Eragon before leaving. Now a young man, Eragon leads a peaceful life, happy with his lot- until on a hunting trip he comes across a bright blue stone. He takes the stone home, unaware of how such a small thing will change his life forever. Soon the 'stone' hatches, revealing a beautiful baby dragon. The birth of this dragin spurrs the world of Alagaesia, setting things in motion that only Eragon, now apart of the legendary dragon riders, can change. His quest begins, first out of revenge but soon out of want to save Alagaesia from its despotic ruler, Galbatorix.

I love this book. Simple as that. It read it years ago and fell in love with how it drew me away into another world. 5 out of 5. Easy.

Keep reading because i'll add a blog on Eldest, Brisingr theories and the Eragon movie so if you're as Eragon obsessed as me then we're in for some fun.

Much Luv,


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1 comment:

Tory said...

After reading this, i have deduced that i need to read Eragon. And a good book review in my opinion, will make the reader do just that - want to go out and buy it.
The guy that wrote this was 15 i hear. So considering he's accomplished so much is amazing although it could explain the simple language but the plot seems so intricate.
Apparently, a lot of critics say it's a lot like lord of the rings meets star wars... which kinda put me off (no offense, i know how much you love LOTR). Is that true though?
Nonetheless, if it's go dragons and weapons in it, it seems like my kind of book! I'll have to get my hands on it!