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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Host

Ok, so OFFICIALLY this book isnt out yet but because Jinks is wicked she got a bound draft sent to her from the publishing company. Now when it comes to Stephanie meyer books i like them but i dont wanna go out and marry Edward or move to a rainy area. They were good books but nothing stunning. However The Host was.

The Host is based from the perspective of an alien who latched onto host bodies as a parasite. Currently these aliens have dominated Earth with their superior knowledge, despite being fully against acts of violence. Now when these aliens take over a body they smother the mind left in there. Which gives us a story. When veteran soul (the name given to the aliens) takes over a womans body she learns that she isnt alone in her head. The host, Melanie, is still very much in there, talking and persuading the soul to do certain things. Its not long before the soul and her constant companian, Melanie, go out of aliens perfect society to find the things that made Melanie so human.

The Host is written magically. Considering it is from the soul and Melanies perspective it could have been really hard to read yet Meyer clearly defines each character making it easy to tell whos talking and when. the storyline keeps you hooked and at least in this book the soul ends up with the right guy (unlike Twilight....Bella should have been with Jacob...)

Contains violence, kissing scenes and scenes that make you wanna throw the book away in anger to characters.

I'll give it a 4 1/2 out of 5.

Hopefully when it comes out you will enjoy it. I need to buy a completed copy when it comes so i can see just how much they chopped out.

Much Lvu,


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