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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Max by Michael Hyde is just one of my childhood books that shaped the way I think. Michael writes other novels like "change the game" which are those cool books that let you change your own ending. Yeah I know! They’re still around!
Max is a boy around the age of 17. His friend has recently committed suicide and through this short but sweet story it shows how each person in max’s life, including himself deals with this sudden loss. While his father tries to come to terms with it by trying to randomly bond with his two sons Max escapes in his beautiful graffiti that seem to put him in a trance and help him release anger as well as confusion. However, graffiti is of course illegal so when trying to help himself with this loss he’s constantly getting into trouble.

I loved this book because I’d never read anything like it. The way he explains how he paints makes the reader feel like your right up there with him. I could smell the paint, I could see the wall, I could feel the cold night air. It was completely amazing.
I had read Tyger Tyger before I read Max and I guess I would suggest to do the same because his style of writing is very unusual and it takes a while to get used to, but Tyget Tyger is more in the norm but still very cool.

I rate Max
4 1/2 out of 5. half taken off because of the random ending!

and now read my pretties READ!
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Update: Hes new release at the moment is “hey Joe”

Jinx xx

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