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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Planning and Plotting

so been thinking about the order of the books we'll write reviews on. Jinks will proabably start with the all famous Twilight as shes an Edward supporter. Later on i might write from a Jacob supporters perspective for all those passionate people out there. I'll probably start with a younger aged book but just as well known, Eragon. That and Eldest need to be reviewed before the third book comes out in september. I'll probably review The Host by Stephanie Meyer cause Jinks didnt really like that whereas i prefered it over Twilight. Hopefully that will get done before it comes out as Jinks got a pre-sale copy from her work. It isnt the last draft or anything but it was from the publisher and pretty intresting. Jinks has claim to all Scott Westerfeld books as is her right. Ill do the under rated Rangers Apprentice novels by australian author John Flanagan. Once again these books are for younger audiences but there full of accurate facts about weaponary and battle stratergies n alike. Anyway that should keep us going for a while. Signing off for now.

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