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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


OK I am aware that more people will agree with Jinks on the matter of who’s better but I still figured I should give Jacob a shot and present another side to this issue.

Whose personality suits Bella more?

Well this is an easy answer. Jacob obviously. Edward is over protective, unlike Bella, he's mysterious, unlike Bella, he's cunning, intelligent and mature. All these traits he doesn’t share with Bella. Whilst on the other hand Jacob and Bella share the same sense of humour, same sense of fun, both are adventurous and they both like doing the same activities. So tell me how Edward is suited to a person he has no connections with? Hell, the only reason he even noticed Bella was because he wasn’t able to invade her privacy like he could everyone else. At least Jacob saw her as a person- not a curious piece of meat.

Who is a more humane character?

Well lets make it clear that there is a difference between being human and being humane. To be human is to have 24 chromosomes and be mortal. To be humane is to be compassionate, tender, warm and sympathise to people and animals (yeah i that definition). I think it's clear that Jacob is far more compassionate then Edward. He forgives Bella for giving in to Edward before Edward even CONSIDERS allowing Bella to even go down to La Push and see Jacob. Though Jacob is younger he is able to see how much pain Bella is in and sympathise, unlike Edward who plays the protective patriarch and refused to allow Bella to make a choice on her own. And isn’t it Edward who takes the pre-school approach and talks about her soon-to-be-vamping FULLY aware Jacob could hear and FULLY aware of how much pain it would hurt Jacob AND through Jacob, hurt Bella? How is such actions humane when you hurt the people you are supposed to love?

Who is more passionate?

OK so Edwards got the whole soul mate, love forever thing going on right? Is it just me or does that sound reeeaaaalllly last century to some people? Sure he was born 100 years ago but does he have to constantly remind me of my grandpa with the whole love crap? Passion isn’t devotion, its EMOTION. Either love or hate. And Jacob posses both of those. A burning flame for Bella, complete adoration for his pack members and hatred towards his natural enemies. Jacob shows what he's feeling and isn’t scared of the consequences of his passion and emotions. Now THATS real passion.

Who is would be better in Bella's future?

Everything that has a birth should have a death. Its nature. And Edward is the classical example of someone who is cheating such a concept that is as old as time. And sure he didn’t want to be made a vampire and he had no choice but he made the choice to first stray for Carlisle’s 'vegetarian' diet and what’s to say he wont again? It is Edwards choices that’s prove he wouldn’t be better in Bella’s future. Edward broke her and there was only one person that put her back together. Jacob. he makes her happy. She can live a normal, natural life with Jacob. To be with Edward is to allow him to rob her of her family, friends and of her mortality, just because HE wants something. Bella is frickin 18. ONLY 18 PEOPLE. And for all those teens out there saying 18 is old enough to make decisions you fools. Some people don’t even finish PUBERTY by the age of 18. Hey look my boobs are growing.....immortality? Sure just let me put on some shoes.... pfft.

Who is physically stronger?

No-one knows why Vampires exist. It could be from various stories as Stephanie hasn’t mentioned it yet. But we DO know where Werewolves came from. They're natural creatures who exist solely to kill the vampires. And isn’t it clear from the past (im talking AGES ago BEFORE Carlisle came to La Push) that werewolves MUST have been stronger or wouldn’t there have been a population of vampires? Werewolves are bigger, just as fast, just as strong and have the ability to be everywhere at once since the pack are connected. Sure Edwards strong but he's a single vampire. When Jacob is a werewolf he is never alone. Team spirit always beats the individual.

Who is mentally stronger?

Jacob. DUH. Edward cant even properly KISS Bella without fear of losing control and hurting her. And doesn’t this happen like EVERY FLAMING CHAPTER? How many times had Jacob lost control? 4 maybe 5 at tops? Supposedly werewolves are violent in their nature but we can see in Jacob that he would never, EVER hurt Bella. I wish i could say the same for Edward but he seems so hurt her when ever 'it seems best...'. Pfft i've heard that line before.

Who 'warms' Bella's heart more?

Well defiantly the walking heater, Jacob. He's cuddly not to mention smokin' hot. But if you want to get all metaphorical then Jacob still wins the trophy. He makes her happy when the world is crumbling around her. He can put the pieces of her heart back together and make her whole again. At least he doesn’t physically stop her heart like Edward cause that’s kinda …deadly…

Who has more the right to inhibit Forks/La Push?

WEREWOLVES. WEREWOLVES. WEREWOLVES. They were there first. They were created there and have defended it for centuries. The Cullen family are little more then intruders. If you sympathise for the Cullen’s when the Volturi and other vampires come to their town you can easily see the position the werewolves are in. They have a right to defend their land and the people living on it.

Who is safer to be around?

Jacob. Every single moment Edward is with Bella is could kill her out of desire of her blood. The only time Jacob might consider hurting Bella is when he’s angry. And Jacob gets angry a hell of a lot less the Edward gets hungry…

Who is the more appealing kisser?

Well it really depends how you like being kissed. If you like being constantly teased with no reward then Edwards the one for you. But if you like passion, intensity and body on body contact then Jacob the one for you. As far as I’m concerned I’ll take Jacob any day. Just thinking about the way he forces his mouth onto yours…his arms binding himself to you so much that you can’t tell who’s hands are whose…its giving me goosebumps…

Who is more attractive?

Edward has the whole perfection thing going for him. The porcelain skin, bronze hair etc. But isn’t it the small imperfections that make a person so physically appealing? The fact that Jacob is too tall has russet skin and silky shoulder length hair is enough for me. Who needs a dream when you can have reality?

Who has a better mode of transport?

Nothing. I repeat NOTHING is hotter then a motorbike. I ride them. I know the alive feeling you get from the wind whipping at your face as you navigate around terrain. There isn’t anything that compares to such a beautiful experience. Cars are for timid, shy people who are scared of being rained on. Bikes are for people who want to feel like they are actually living there life- not watching it flash by from the cabin of a Volvo.

Who dresses better?

I have a theory. It goes like this. Less is better. The less clothes the easier. Edward has the whole cream colours and label thing going. Jacob has the whole gorgeous, exposed chest, rugged hair thing going for him. I’ll take that any day.

Who has a better family?

Well this ones hard. Alice and Jaspers powers are pretty cool but then again the pack has the ability to communicate with each other at all werewolf times. And sure this may be considered an invasion of privacy but who has privacy when Edwards around anyway?

Who has better powers?

Edward can invade peoples privacy and run fast. Jacob is strong, fast and more importantly funny. That’s a power in itself to me. Humour is important as a far as Edward goes his powers mean nothing if he doesn’t have the power to make me smile.

Who does Bella have more fun with?

Fun means laughter and happiness not dull conversations right? Good. Then Jacob. He makes her actually laugh and can connect with her. Edward talks. And talks. And talks. BORING. Bella loves adventure and dangerous fun! Jacob gives her a type of fun that Edward can’t do.

Who gives better gifts?

Edward gets expensive gifts in an attempt to appeal to Bella’s vanity. Shallow much? Jacob hand carved a little wolf for her and gave it to her. So much more though at devotion than a diamond. It shows that he actually cares enough to spend time slowly carving intricate detail.

What temperature is better?

WARMTH. It stops you from getting hypothermia and DYING. It is clear that the type of weather in Forks requires a personal heater not a fridge.

Who has the worse original transformation?

Three days of complete utter burning agony over a day of fever and anger? It’s clear which one is more appealing to undergo. Lying there, totally defenceless to the pain ripping at your skin…it would be utter torture to anyone…

Please comment...

Please comment on whether or not you were swayed more by Jinxs argument or by mine!


Lizzy-wa said...

i TOTALLY agree. Jacob is the better guy. and while i dont really think Bella, with her klutziness and clinginess and desperateness, deserves ether Jacob OR Edward, Jacob is the better one for her. its just not healthy the way she loves Edward. in fact thats not even love, thats just pathetic obsession. he's an object, like money, not a person to her.

Helsinki + Jinx said...

Ah thank you Lizzy-wa. It is good to have someone who sees the light and Bella for who she truely is!

Nice to know im not alone in the world. Do you have a blog at all so i can subscribe?

Thank you again,


90 said...

In a more realistic prospect Jacob is totally the one. Other than that, Jacob could really be family to Bella. I mean, what could Edward and Bella do for... a thousand years? Run around, kiss each other, and just talk? Jacob can offer Bella a family, a real community, a good dose of young romance and... well frankly I think he's just way hotter than Edward. Haha, well at least, he has real flesh you know? How uncomfortable would it be to make out with a freaking statue? It's true at first, humans are drawn to a perfect person like Edward, but eventually we'd all feel that we connect with each other because of our flaws. Jacob has them. Okay, one more thing. I completely agree with Stephenie's comparison of Edward, Bella, and Jacob. HEROIN addiction is not healthy. While on the other hand, you need sunshine to fuel your food and your skin. There. Wow that was long but I think I got my point across :) GO JACOB~

Helsinki + Jinx said...

thank you 90! the more jacob support the better. imagine making out with would be like constantly using a vibrator...massively annoying!