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Monday, May 5, 2008


All of us here have had a desire to kill something or someone. Don’t deny it we’ve all had the thought or wish. But majority of people wouldn’t actually go ahead and do it. But when you’re trapped in a psychiatric ward and the doctor means to kill you, you start to get worried right!
So this is the story of Marko. Waking up from a drug induced sleep he starts to remember the past events which lead up to him in this place and why the doctor means to harm him.
This book is so exciting and so different to usual stories about murder. The lead up to this earthquake of events proves this by leaving us all to judge for ourselves whether we can trust the first-person narration (Marko) and his motivations.

I really enjoyed this book and its one of the books I would actually read again, seeing as I have never read a book twice before….well not counting the picture books I owned.

I rate this book 5 out of 5. you know why…cause its great! And you should read it…now…go! Go my child!

Catch you all on the flip flop
Jinx xx

The Blind Sisters

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Tory said...

Okay, i seriously have to steal this off from you after i get through Eragon