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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Skulduggery Pleasant: PLAYING WITH FIRE

So here is the second book to Skulduggery Pleasant. It is unknown if it is a series or a dilogy but by the end of the second one there seems to be plans of more....hopefully. If not that is completely unfair!
So we all know about Mr. Skeleton man. Hail Skulduggery! But what happens when he meets his match? Baron Vengeous is his name and just one of his motives is to destroy the “abomination” that is Skulduggery Pleasant. Him, along with Valkyrie Cain and the epitome of awesome, Tanith Low, fight to the death to try and destroy Baron and what he’s after.
This is exciting. Having just finished this book I am hungry for the next book...if there’s going to be one. Seeing as Derek Landy doesn’t tell us anything on his website as far as I’m concerned I’m just going to guess there is a new one. But besides that I really enjoyed Playing with Fire. It was way more exciting than the first in every way possible. The new characters were all different in some way even though they had similar names and I still had trouble right up until the end which name connected with which character. As an example I will tell you some of the new characters:
Springheeled Jack
Sanguine (sometimes referred to as Billy-Ray Sanguine)
Serpine (there’s mention of him only, don’t worry he is dead!!)

But apart from that the book was fast paced, full of action and took you to places that made your imagination go “Whoopi lets go wild!”
So all in all I rate this wonderful book 4 1/2 out of 5 and I think we can all guess why I took off half a mark...stupid names starting with S...
Catch ya!
Jinx xx
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