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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Ok so i really should be doing my maths work but hey- who cares? ANYWAY lets get to Timeline.

So Timeline is a rather complex book. If you're not into science or history i wouldnt advise you read it. There's alot of time theories in there and they're not always explained clearly. The history aspect is stunning with accurate references to weaponry and such. The characters are also interesting though i find that when the perspective changes between characters there isnt enough of noticable character traits used.

Timeline is about a group of historians, each with different skills who are given the opportunity to go back in time using state of the art technology and briefly experience medieval France whilst searching for a lost friend. It is extremely fast paced yet the writing style might annoy some as it constantly swaps between characters.

I give it a 4/5 (but im biased cause i LOVE history especially the medieval period)

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Tory said...

Why do i get the feeling i'm going to like this book?
This is the one you had in class yeah?
AHh.. .the time paradox...