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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Book is Dead, Long live the book

I've come to the sad realisation that books are dying.
The Book is Dead by Sherman Young is a fantastic example of what the media and our world is doing to our culture. Although the media can be a fantastic thing in our life and a modern idea for our generation’s existence, it also kills the one thing that we all need in our live. Good old books.
The point of this book is to not only discuss that books are obviously dying (which is scary because I aspire to be a publisher eventually) but also the fact that book culture - great ideas and a deeper conversation - will only survive if everyone starts using the new media technologies such as eBooks and electronic distribution.
Sherman Young isn’t one of those usual people who decide to grab an idea in our life and expand it into a book *cough* self help *cough* nooo Sherman Young is the, and I quote “Media Studies lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.” So really, he knows his stuff.
What we sometimes fail to realize is that we are drowning in our own culture. We are being eaten by new technologies that seem to want to improve our availability to stories and communication. Even Sherman has proved this point by offering different ways to download his book on his own blog! While other comments state that they suggest different ways so it is available to them!
It’s all very scary and it all has to slow down. We need to appreciate what we have right now! In the now we have this beautiful creation where a bunch of papers stuck together is called a book and wow does it open our eyes to new beginnings, new ideas and most of all new worlds. In the now there are factories that create these beautiful pieces of work and the people working there have the coolest jobs ever! Their job is to meet the people that create these beautiful things and making their beautiful ideas into what we all call a BOOK. One day. And it may be very recent. Books will die. Publishers will lose their job and we will all be sucked into thinking we need these new technologies like eBooks.
And now I rate this book 5 out of 5. Spot on. And a good book to read! This is coming from the person who hates anything that’s non-fiction. Sorry but I don’t. But now I actually consider looking in the reference section at work every now and then, as this is where this creation is found.
Jinx xx


megs said...

i LOVE this book
kudos ladies

*Heather* said...

great review! I'm interested now.

Do you mind if we link you? Over at Plenty of Paper?

Helsinki + Jinx said...

sounds wicked! feel free to link us then we can talk more on books since u get them before us n all!

thanks so much!

helsinki and jinx