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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wicked Lovely

Well while I wait for Helsinki to finish twilight debate (part 2) I shall review a book that is better than my eyes
I present to you wicked lovely
Wicked lovely is about a girl named Aislinn...and she has The Sight. In other words, she sees faeries.
Faeries are creatures unlike your usual fairytale princesses. These are evil faeries. They kidnap mortals, they manipulate mortals and they are just downright mean. And this is where Keenan comes in. He is also a faery; however he is the Summer King and he wants Aislinn for his wife. Why? Because he’s been searching for one for about 9 centuries and is desperate and he seems to be certain that Aislinn is the one. He’s also a loser and I don’t like him.... (But I won’t go into that). While all this is happening Aislinn has to hide from the fact that she can see faeries, talks to faeries and now why she wants to avoid faeries even more. There is also another boy. Her friend Seth....who is known as the *Humana, Humana droooooooool* boy and is mine! But, he’s another story all together. Just when she is running from this problem Aislinn is faced with a choice. If she refuses Keenan she has to become a summer girl (who are these flirty little annoying things that die if they stay too far away from Keenan) however if she accepts him she has to do a quest...which I won’t tell you what that is. If she passes she will be the Summer Queen, Keenan’s wife. If she fails she will become the Winter Girl and therefore is forced to be bound by constant coldness and serve the Winter Queen...who is the mother of evil!
I think that this book is better than Twilight for the reason that not only is it a wonderful storyline with similar quirkiness and general feel to Twilight but it is written much better then Stephanie Meyer. And this is Melissa’s first novel so good offence to Meyer....I still love you!!!
I rate this book 4 and a half out of 5. The half a point taken off for making me so angry and crazy for the time of reading it because now I’m paranoid about them watching me...sorry friends!
Yours truly,


The Blind Sisters

update: so far this book has become a duology...which i dont see why it had to be it ended pretty well but anyway awesome!
It is called "Ink Exchange" and it has the most win cover ever! i want her tattoo. damnit being painful to get! *shakes fist*


Harry Potter, Mr M and sexual rash said...

Hello Jinx :D
I have two other beings here who i will disclose in secret code names. these people would like to express the awesomeness of this blog.
Mr M says: bottom
The sexual rash says: this book is awesome, i love it. Seth is my husband
Harry Potter says: I need to seriously read this book, but i don't know whether to read Erangon or this first! Help!!
I'm a bit skeptical of the book being as it may that it concerns fairies but i'll give it a shot. if it's similar to Twilight, then i'll give it a go
Although i agree with you about Stephenie Meyers writing so hopefully the writing style is a little different!!

megs said...

hi lovely,
maddy came in and ordered it, i put it under your name