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Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Widget

Look at this! We now have a widget. How cool are these things! Now you can download this widget and put it on your own website, myspace, whatever! so you can be updated with our posts!


Jinx xx

The Blind Sisters

Thursday, July 24, 2008

caractères, merkki and of course, characters...

Evening fellow bloggers!

If any of you are as crazy as me then you have done what I am about to explain. If one is reading a book or watching a movie, and likes the storyline of even just a character in the story, I merge myself into the story without changing anything around. Has anybody else ever done this before?

If you haven’t ask yourself “if I was a character from *insert title here* then I would be...”

Its heaps fun and if you were as sad as me you would have done it more than once. Today I will only tell you one of my stories however I will tell you more in other posts. Sketches of characters from Helsinki are coming soon.... but here are the drafts above you. the real ones will be posted later. if you want them bigger to see the finer awesome the boots :D then just tell me and i'll make a link.

Tell me about your character!

*Beware spoilers ahead for people who haven’t read Wicked Lovely/Ink Exchange*

If I was a character from Wicked Lovely series/duology I would be:
Glamour/Speciality with being a faery: Glamour is Black clothing lots of piercings and shows off Ink. Speciality is the vine tattoos being able to move and extend out in shadows to bind people temporarily.
Favourite King/Queen: king, Irial because of the respect she has for him. Aislinn because she respects how strong a person she is and hates Keenan therefore loves the control Aislinn has on him.
Court: Dark Court
Lover: Rabbit (Bunny Boy)
Personality: she’s really sarcastically cheesy towards Rabbit and he loves it. She’s really bubbly yet her glamour is Goth. When she’s a faery she has bright colours to stand out from the Dark Court and she becomes very serious and careful with her words around Irial.
Story: she loved coming to “Pins and Needles” just to see Rabbit. They eventually fall in love and Rabbit ends up telling her all about faeries and the whole story that Wicked Lovely revolves around. In Ink Exchange she appears more in the story as she asks Rabbit to have the sight. He gives this to her in a transformation through ink as she also asks to be bound to him so she can become part faery and therefore be respected and safe in the Dark Court. He does this through a type of ink exchange while Leslie is going through the same thing. She becomes half faery, is bound to Rabbit and joins the Dark Court as Rabbits wife by the conclusion of the story proving that her choice was something that she did decide and because she understood EVERYTHING that was going on with the exchange and wasn’t forced into anything she’s much happier in the Dark Court then Leslie was.
Ink: Wings on back, vines all down arms that move with different emotions (i.e. heartbeat rate)
Fear: Irial

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ink Exchange

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr is the second in the new series of Wicked Lovely (see below for review)

Think Stephanie Meyer, add in life issues that are more mature and realistic, add in tattoos and the magic it can make people feel as well as help others understand the true meaning of ink, and then think faeries instead of werewolves and vampires. Here, we find Ink Exchange. The character is different to Wicked Lovely; however some of her story revolves around our beloved strong Aislinn. What I love most about Melissa Marr is that she’s not afraid of making her female characters stronger, as well as smarter as her male characters. It’s not in an obvious feministic way, rather subtly slipped in every now and then.

Once again the wonderful story that is about these faeries in our world reflects the message that is the best moralistic approach you can have in a story. That is, everybody has choices and every choice you make is YOUR choice. Such an original approach and reflectively must be something that we can draw out of our own lives at some point surely. Would you agree?

As Melissa Marr is a new author, Wicked Lovely being her first novel I don’t know her writing skills well enough to judge whether she’s making these two books into a duology, therefore making Ink Exchange the finale, or hopefully making a trilogy or series.

Either way I vote this awe-inspiring story 5 out of 5. Reading half of the book in 4 hours (the quickest I’ve ever read a book) and keeping me up until 1 in the morning. That’s how much its good. It made Jinx read it for 4 hours straight.
I truly recommend such a masterpiece. I am speechless for words on how this book is. For fear of ruining such a good thing I know I didn’t give away very much of the storyline, but it’s for your own good. And just to make you want to read it even more let me give you an image of what I looked like when I was curled in bed on the last night of reading, halfway through, reading for 4 hours and my mouth resembling a perfect O shape. I swear I could see the eyes of that tattoo staring back at me as I lay in the dark after trying to take in and fully processing each characters choice.


Jinx xx

The Blind Sisters

Friday, July 11, 2008

Helisinki's playlist

Sup Sup. Been bored so i decided to make a playlist of my fav songs. LISTEN TO THEM!

1. Join me in death- HIM
2. Lucky Ones- Bif Naked
3. Enemy in me- Veins of Jenna
4. Down- Blink 182
5. Shipping off to Boston- Dropkick Murphys
6. Gothis Girl- The 69 Eyes
7. Lips like Morphine- Kill Hannah
8. Poison Girl- HIM
9. Sugarhigh- Coyote Shivers
10. The Chair- The 69 Eyes

LISTEN TO THEM *brainwashes you....*


Sunday, July 6, 2008

An explanation

A new exciting thing has been added to this site. As you might have noticed we have an ipod playlist for your ears. But we're not just putting random songs on there. Noo we're choosing songs that are inspired from books.
The list at the moment is the following five with explanations. They may change over time but so far they are:

1. Summer Wine - Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon
Melissa Marr has created a wonderful playlist for her fans. At the back of a special edition Wicked Lovely (paperback) there are a number of songs that go with specific scenes. Summer Wine by Bono and The Corrs are the one she chooses but I choose Ville Valo and Natalia Avelon because its just that little bit more interesting with Ville's angelic, yet rusty voice. Just magical. The scene in which it's from is "at the faire"

2. Pretty Girl - Sugarcult
Another song chosen by Melissa Marr except this scene is Donia and/or Keenan after the faire. I find it such an interesting song to go with the scene, yet once again Melissa has made it fit in so well. Sugarcult are great. If you dont recognise them then you might know the song they sing "Bouncing off the walls again" which is the themed song to Van Wilder starring Ryan Reynolds.

3. Talk Show Host - Radiohead
Taken from the Baz Luhrmann production Romeo and Juliet I thought we needed a Shakespearean piece. I would have chosen Kissing You by Des'ree but it was cliche and I find Radiohead much more interesting. A great song that presents the movie before us as the curtain comes up on the DVD menu.

4. Crystal - Stevie Nicks
Did anyone know that Practical Magic was originally a novel?
Well i didnt. So here is another song from the movie which captures one of my favourite scenes in the story. Crystal by Stevie Nicks captures Sally inventing this man she believes shall not exist, so she will never fall in love and so "never die of a broken heart." As the petals circle off into the sky Crystals vocals, but especially the instruments capture the intense magic.

5. Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne
This song was written for the movie Eragon which captures the connection between Eragon and his dragon Saphira. This song is on the soundtrack and is a really pretty song. I always imagine ballroom dancing with Murtagh...however you didnt need to hear that...

If you have any suggestions let us know!

Thanks guys!

Jinx xx

The Blind Sisters

A quick review of speaking of

Speaking of....books dying!
My work friend today pointed out a book to me that used to be on the year 12 list until taken off for unknown reasons. The teacher at her school told the class that it was about the future and the status of books. Well lack of.

Fahrenheit 451 is about our world if books didn’t exist. Nobody reads and in fact books have been burnt. However, an underground minority of people have memorized books and have become "walking books" being able to recall passages from many types of books. I don’t know much more then that but it made me think of Sherman Young and Blind Sisters viewers.

so check out this book I’ve already ordered one in. once I finish Ink Exchange I shall review that. (Stupid year 12 making me read ever slower than usual!!)

Jinx xx

The Blind Sisters