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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ink Exchange

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr is the second in the new series of Wicked Lovely (see below for review)

Think Stephanie Meyer, add in life issues that are more mature and realistic, add in tattoos and the magic it can make people feel as well as help others understand the true meaning of ink, and then think faeries instead of werewolves and vampires. Here, we find Ink Exchange. The character is different to Wicked Lovely; however some of her story revolves around our beloved strong Aislinn. What I love most about Melissa Marr is that she’s not afraid of making her female characters stronger, as well as smarter as her male characters. It’s not in an obvious feministic way, rather subtly slipped in every now and then.

Once again the wonderful story that is about these faeries in our world reflects the message that is the best moralistic approach you can have in a story. That is, everybody has choices and every choice you make is YOUR choice. Such an original approach and reflectively must be something that we can draw out of our own lives at some point surely. Would you agree?

As Melissa Marr is a new author, Wicked Lovely being her first novel I don’t know her writing skills well enough to judge whether she’s making these two books into a duology, therefore making Ink Exchange the finale, or hopefully making a trilogy or series.

Either way I vote this awe-inspiring story 5 out of 5. Reading half of the book in 4 hours (the quickest I’ve ever read a book) and keeping me up until 1 in the morning. That’s how much its good. It made Jinx read it for 4 hours straight.
I truly recommend such a masterpiece. I am speechless for words on how this book is. For fear of ruining such a good thing I know I didn’t give away very much of the storyline, but it’s for your own good. And just to make you want to read it even more let me give you an image of what I looked like when I was curled in bed on the last night of reading, halfway through, reading for 4 hours and my mouth resembling a perfect O shape. I swear I could see the eyes of that tattoo staring back at me as I lay in the dark after trying to take in and fully processing each characters choice.


Jinx xx

The Blind Sisters


*Heather* said...

A comment in response to your comment =):

As for what I think of the series so far...I think it's pretty amazing. I mean, I know everybody is in love with it and Edward and all, but I view it almost more of a writer's standpoint, and it has some incredible writing. I'd rather Stephenie Meyer just stop with the (predictable) plot twists and get on with the story, but it is a really spectacular story. Plus, I love all the characters.

I haven't actually read the Melissa Marr books, yet, but I'm really wanting to. I've heard so many great things about them. Plus, I love book covers, and they have great covers, which just makes them even more desirable.

well, off to preorder Breaking Dawn because apparently my mother didn't do it three months ago when she said she did...*sigh*

*Heather* said...

Yeah, I've seen the cover for Breaking Dawn. And honestly? I don't like it. There's something so...grounded and solid about it that's so unlike the others. All the other objects were kind of floating in a way.

The apple was held by hands, not just lying on the ground or something. The flower was hanging down, not sitting anywhere. And the ribbon was flying around, once again, not sitting anywhere. But the chess peices are grounded, and sitting on the board, which is sitting on some sort of surface. And there's too much, what with the pawn and the queen and the board? eh. I don't know.

I'm very interested to find out what it means, though. I love all the connections the covers have to the story (though I do think the ribbon should have been on New Moon, the covers are fabulous).

I'm trying to convince my parents to let me use their credit card and order the Melissa Marr books from amazon. It's not going so well... =/


*Heather* said...

Hey, we have a review for Hacking Harvard up, if you'd read it, please!

And do you have a myspace?