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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Mediator

The Mediator by Meg Cabot

Ok so this is a book i re-read recently (i have a habit of doing that whenever i get bored- Jinxs hates it when i do this cause she reakons its a waste of time) and i have officially decided that i am in love with Meg Cabot's writing style.

So the series The Mediator is based around teenage mediator Suze Simon who is forced to move from New York to California to live with her mum and new step father and three step brothers. Upon arriving at her new home, a done up 150 year old hotel, she meets her new room-mate, Jesse, who happens to be dead. Enter a very angry and strong ghost at Suze's new school and its a party in Ghost town.

Anyway this book is funny and action packed. The main girl kicks ass- what more could you want in a main character?


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Tory said...

Meg Cabot was one of the authors that really got me into reading. She's fairly awesome
The prince diaries series was the best though, i have to say
She has a good sense of humour :)