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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

caractères, merkki and of course, characters...part 2

Good Morning to all!
Today is the 11th of September which means there is exactly 9 days until the wonderful Brisingr comes out. The widget to your right is available for the taking if you wish to keep an eye on the days counting down. If you live in Australia come to my shop Collins, we like customers! :D

As celebration for this day coming up I have decided to add another character to our blog. This was one of the first characters Helsinki and I created. Her post will appear later with her character. If you haven’t read Eragon or Eldest I suggest you don’t read further as there are major SPOILAGE!** for the win?

If I was a character from Eragon/Eldest/potentially Brisingr I would be:
Name: Eviée
Costume: black and green pants with a top that wraps around the stomach. Bandages all down her right arm and shoulder and ink on her left shoulder blade of a crest with a sword, later being known as the crest for telling people she is known to be the best swordswoman in all of Aalagaesia.
Side: The Varden
Lover: Murtagh
Specializes in: best swordswoman in all of Alagaesia
Personality: she’s got a very strong backbone and is often to the point of being stubborn. The only person she bends for is Murtagh and is a very good friend to Eragon when meeting him in Eragon. She gives him good advice with his sword and teachers him to love his weapon, showing her loyalty to the Varden by saying “if they asked me to kill, I would, if they asked me to surrender I would…if they asked me to die…I would”
Story: lived with Murtagh, were best friends and forbidden lovers because of their background and Murtagh’s fathers past. After Murtagh flees he says to leave after him so people don’t think they ran away together. She runs away after and in Eragon is on her search to find Murtagh. She joins the Varden and meets him when he is captured. She helps him escape when the war is happening. They fight together and reveal their love now that they are in a safe environment…for now
In Eldest when Murtagh dies Eviée retreats to her room and only comes out to train and eat. She doesn’t talk to anyone but Eragon and develops a good relationship with him before he leaves to go to the elves. When the war comes and she sees Murtagh and Eragon fighting she tries to break them up. She finds Murtagh has changed and is too late to do anything as Murtagh knocks her out and takes her away on his Dragon. In Brisingr the story will fit so Eviée is bound to him through his magic and cannot leave further than he wants. She reveals later on in the story when begging to go back home that she needs to go back because she is pregnant….da da daaaam
Fear: Galbatorix, Dragons

sorry for the lack of photo i shall post one later!

Jinx xx

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