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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year

wow, so the new years about to begin- what odd concept! it seriously seems like only yesterday that i was lying on christians tennis court with cedric, pat, gilly and christian looking at the stars and counting down.

now, in the small space of a year, so much has changed. i feel the need to share...

for starters, i left the country to seek a life in the UK where i did volunteer work. i enjoyed my new work and life- despite the long hours- it was so much fun. i got a new boyfriend in john- an amazing guy though the age gap of 11 years proved too difficult for us to manage. as the year went on i changed with it. i got my first tattoo, a heart on my back, as well as my first tattoo machine which meant an addition of 3 more small tattoos on my hand and foot. i altered my hair colour also, changing it from its natural brown, to red and blonde. i gained a magnificent boyfriend, now fiance, in tom green- the most amazing man in the world <3 my family cam over to the UK and i got to travel with them- i even fulfilled every childs dream and went to disney land! from there i started my last term at my boarding school and began to realise that my time was limited. having my grandpa die just made it that bit harder to be away. spending my last couple months with tom and working quickly ate up my time and before i knew it i was on the plane with my GAP mates and headed back to melbourne and my old life. since then ive been catching up with my good mates tash (more like twin for her), andy, christian, kieran, pat, claire, danni, lanna and many more.

so a new year is about to start. i hope its full of awesomeness- i cant wait!

love Helsinki

Monday, December 28, 2009

best monday ever....

so the general association with mondays is that they need to die. well as much as a day of the week can possibly die.... ANYWAY today was the best frigging monday ever. why you ask? what possibly could have happened to make monday half decent?

absolutely nothing. thats because i did absolutely nothing today.

and it was awesome.

i woke up and got to talk to my awesome fiance. cuddled in my bed with cedric. had kieran and pat hang. we went for breakfast/lunch/afternoon tea at KFC before bailing to mine and lounging for another 3 hours on my couches.

best fricking monday ever. also the most unproductive but it was still awesome.

so i recomend everyone hasa lounging day where all you do is watch tv, lounge about and eat with your mates.

DO IT! i command you...

love Helsinki

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Elephant and Wheelbarrow

sooooooooooooo me lovelies, last night i went to the E&W for a welcome home party since im only a week and a bit home.

now at the moment im trying to decide what was the highlight of my night; either christian getting drunk and speaking in a perfect irish accent for over an hour (his favourite phrase being 'get fucked') or cedric getting herself an english bloke called scott- a waterpolo player no less (GO HER). also talking to the irish bartender, pat, about where he was from and justifying who was smarter- me for not drinking and being able to take care of everyone or cedric for drinking and enjoying herself.

overall the night was fair wicked. it was great to see some people for the first time in a year and the band was wicked. plus me and the clan (the clan consisting of me, cedric, pat, christian, kieran and sometimes andy) have started up a new drinking tradition where we go into an awesome chinese resturant called red silk before each nighting into the city. the food there is fucking awesome and relatively cheap as well. unless you want cocktails with your meal, then it gets a tad expensive but other than that its wicked.

anyway im due to have a shower since i think i could fry some chips with the grease currently in hair..... ew much?!


Friday, December 25, 2009


hey all!

i know its been FOREVER since my last post but ive been so frickin hectic lately that ive barely had time to stop and breathe!

so the main things that have heppened to me recently are that im now back in australia having finished my gap year. leaving my school was heart wrenching- i loved that place so much and i miss it madly already.

in other news im now engaged to my amazing tom. though we're not getting married for like 3 years or something its brought great happiness to both of us. its also kinda sad for us since hes in england until august and im on the other side of the world. however, i look upon this seperation as a test and one that we must complete in order to be stronger together- though THANK GOD for skype!

upon being back home ive spent heaps of time with my good mates tash, christian, kieran and my adopted little brother andy. they are all trying to keep me distracted from missing england.

the other day tash and i went and i had my nose pierced. i had an awesome conversation with my piercist and got all the info on how one becomes a piercist which is something im considering as a stepping stone to tattooeing.

anyway i best be off though i will be bloggin far more often now ive go everything in order.

love Helsinki

Saturday, November 28, 2009


hey all,

i know its been FOREVER since i last blogged but there has briefly been a lift of the filter allowing me to blog (hell yes) so i (albiet briefly) invading your life for one more blog entry until i go home.

so nothing much new is going on in my life. im just preparing for going home since its only 18 days away (eep!) and im seriously stressing out. anwyay fun news is im planning on getting me new tatts done next weekend which im pretty hyped for.

i promise i shall start up blogging reguarly again when i get back home!



Thursday, October 29, 2009





the only way i am able to write this blog is because i am crashing at katies for the hafterm holidays.

so im afraid to say but there will be a brief month or so where i will be unable to make blog entries.

only when im away from school or when i am back home can i update reguarly once more.

so this day is a sad day, a day to mourne, the lack of blog entried from Helsinki.

im sorry, my friends...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Smelly blood....

so today, in school, i got to do something awesome. something ive always wanted to do. just not... seriously... but

i got to kill someone.

well i got to create a murder mystery with clues but best of all a crime scene. now had i had more time to create my crime scene it would have been BEYOND awesome. but since i was kinda pressed my crime scene was the outline of a body (which coincidently fitted one of the students) in masking tape on the floor of a classroom. my clues were a bit more interesting- a bloody knife ( the blood classically made from ketcup which reeked and is now making my hands smell disgusting) in a kids tub, blood smeared on the walls leading to the bathroom where the killer washed they're hands but left their hair bobble and a blood covered sheet of paper. the stolen items to which the victim was murder over (white sets trophies) were hidden all around the school to be recovered by my student detectives. it was HELL fun to do.

now we're planning on doing another murder mystery, this one far more planned, with e better crime scene, clues and story. i cant wait!

so if anyone has any ideas for a murder mystery to do within a school then comment me with them!



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old sketches

so today, other than being a real shit day all round, was fair intresting cause when i was doing my usual blogger checks i stumbled across Jinx's blog and some old sketches of mine!

back in the day Jinx and me used to spend class time creating character profiles for our favourite books (inheritance cycle, wicked lovely etc) and generally i would sketch out an image of our created characters. generally our characters were personas we, ourselves, wished we could obtain so they had all the tatts and piercings and figure that was alluring to us.

so heres the images of characters eviee and tara that i created:

so look above to see some of my work when i was only half as good as i am now. struggling with figure and design and such. thank god ive gotten better!



Saturday, October 17, 2009

Piercing ones ears....

so who here has seen the parent trap? the awesome movie with lindsay lohan when she was cute an innocent about two twins who had been seperate by birth and live in different countries get re-united at an amrican summer camp and piece together their relationship?

and who remembers the cringe worthy scene when she gets her ear pierced with the hot needle and the ice and the apple and the screaming?

well i managed to pierce my ear alone but using a needle and ice but no apple....

now i have a fear of needles, strange since i want to be a tattoo artist, which might have come from many tetanus shots as a child and defiantly not helped by when i did my leg and required 7 local anesthetic needles in my leg, so the fact that i managed to stick a needle through my ear was well done. now i dont mind tattooing myself, and have done so 3 times, because the needle goes quickly and you dont really feel it much. however slowely sticking a slippery (it was covered in earring spray) through my ear was an odd, yet rewarding, experience.

so i figured that i would share with you guys, my readers, the method to which i pierced my ears.

1. Piercing your ear should be used as a last resort. Home piercing is difficult to do properly and you would be better off seeking the aid of a professional. Please think about your choice carefully before you proceed.
2. If you'd like, get an ice pack, and place it on your ear for about 30-40 seconds (or until it feels numb). This step is optional and you can skip it if you like.(better to use ice) Ear piercing pain is minimal anyway.
3. Get a real piercing needle. Do not share needles with other people due to infection risk. Piercing needles can be cheaply obtained at many online vendors, as well as many piercing studios.
4. If the needle did not come in a sterile package, sterilize the needle with an open flame. Then put 10%+ rubbing alcohol on the needle. Be sure to remove any soot or detritus. Be forewarned, this will only be a partial sterilization and will not kill all microbes.
5. Wash your hands. This will decrease any chance of bacteria of spreading. Put on sterile latex gloves, if possible.
6. Clean your earring, and your ear with either 70%+ alcohol or iodine. As mentioned before, this will only be a partial sterilization.
7. Put something sturdy on the back of your ear like a piercing cork. This is so when you push the needle in, you have something to push against, rather than tugging the skin.
8. Stick the piercing needle smoothly through your ear until all the way through. Wiggle the needle, keep it bent. Leave whatever you chose in for at least 5 minutes with ice and something to wipe the little bits of blood off with.
9. Remove the piercing tool. If you used ice in the above step your ear should be numb and you can now slowly remove the needle from your ear.
10. Put the earring through the hole and then the backing right after you wipe up the blood.

so if you guys ever need your ears done, i suggest you follow these steps, but try and get someone to give you a hand cause it was a tad hard to do it alone! luckily however, i didnt bleed at all.

signing off,


Thursday, October 15, 2009



John Flanagan's amazing series, 'Rangers Apprentice', has its 9th book about to come out in Australia, named 'Halts Peril'. Set after 'The Kings of Clomel' when heros Will, Halt and Horace are in Halts homeland, Hiberia, tracking down a cult trying to gain control. The new book promises to be just as thrilling as the ones before and i cant wait to read it!

Heres a sneak peek below....

'Halt’s eyes were slits of concentration as he moved forward between the trees, following the narrow, indistinct path. He scanned constantly, taking in the ground ahead and to either side. He noted, with a sardonic smile, the occasional clues that had been left behind by the men he was following – a scrap of cloth snagged on a branch here, an all too obvious footprint there. He maintained the pretence of searching for these signs and following the tracks they had left. It wouldn’t do to let his quarry know he was onto their little game, he thought.

The ground was littered with deadfalls – branches and twigs that the wind had snapped off from the trees high above and dropped to the forest floor. They formed an almost continuous carpet beneath his feet and, skilled as he was at moving silently, even Halt couldn’t avoid some noise as they cracked and snapped under his soft tread. He could do it if he moved slowly, testing the ground with each foot before he put weight on it. But moving slowly was too dangerous an option. He needed speed. By moving quickly, he became an indistinct, grey-toned blur sliding among the bare trunks – and that would make him a more difficult target. Besides, there wasn’t much point in moving silently if he wanted the Genovesans to know he was here.

He slipped into the cover of a thick, grey trunk. Over the years, long past the time when the trees had drowned, some undergrowth had taken hold in the forest floor and a clump of buckthorn had established itself about the base of the dead tree. The green leaves and the grey trunk of the tree would match the random colouring on his cloak to conceal him.

He crouched, scanning the forest ahead. Long years of training made sure that his head barely moved as he did so. It was his eyes that darted from side to side, seeking, testing, consciously changing their depth of focus to search from close in to further out. His face remained in the shadow thrown by the deep cowl. Minimising any movement was vital, he knew. The Genovesans, if they were watching, would have seen him dart behind the tree. But now they would have lost sight of him as he blended in and, so long as he didn’t move, they would be uncertain if he were still there or not.

All of which meant they would be looking for him, and not Will. He felt a grim sense of satisfaction knowing that Will was backing him up. By now, Halt thought, his young student would have begun to move, snaking away from the three-trunked tree they had sheltered behind, crawling low-bellied along the shallow gully to the shelter of the fallen trunk.

He couldn’t think of anyone he would rather have with him. Gilan, perhaps. His unseen movement skills were second to none in the Corps. Or Crowley, of course, his oldest comrade.

But, skilled as they both were, he knew Will would always be his first choice. Crowley was experienced and calm under pressure. But he couldn’t match Will in unseen movement. Gilan might move more stealthily than Will, but there was very little in it. And Will had an advantage that Gilan didn’t. His mind moved a little quicker and he was inclined to see the unconventional alternative faster than Gilan. If the unexpected occurred, he knew Will could act on his own initiative and come up with the right solution. That wasn’t to denigrate Gilan’s worth at all. He was a fine Ranger and highly skilled. Will just had that slight edge in making a decision quickly and getting it right. Gilan would think about a situation and probably come to the same conclusion. With Will, it was an instinctive ability.

There was one other point, and it was a very important one in the current situation. Halt knew, although Will probably didn’t, that Will was a better shot than either Crowley or Gilan.

In fact, he thought, with a grim smile, that might prove to be the most important point of all.'


from an excited,


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eric Mabius and real women

ok so i officially like actor, Eric Mabius (Resident Evil, The L Word, Ugly Betty) even more than before now that i have seen this captioned photo. now i am well aware that he himself did not caption this photo but i was still proud to see it.

why was i proud?

simple. i am, as this image refers, a 'real woman'. i am fairly big. im a decent size 14 and proud of it. i like my body. i have huge thighs and a stomach and sometimes frustrating DD size breasts but at least i am happy. i am proud that there is a man in hollywood like Eric who is proud of his wife, ivy sherman, no matter her size, when hollywood would deem her too big to be of notice.

so i say kudos to you Eric, show them how its done!




ok so you can probably gather from my latest blog entries that ive been spending alot of time surfing websites such as failblog, i can has cheezburger and lolcats- which is completely true since ive recently been more inclined to laugh at random captioned pictures then write blog entries.

because of this i completely promise to put up a decent blog entry soon, once ive found something half decent to write on.

but for now im just gunna put some more random pics up!!!



Sunday, October 11, 2009

soldier gives kitty some pats

does anyone else find it completely adorable when you see pics like this of soldiers being kind to animals? i absolute love them. its like in all the midst of war and death and horror you can still see the kindness of human beings is still present.

people still amaze me,





October 11th

happy 4 month anniversary



Saturday, October 10, 2009


its just so cute!



i want one.



Thursday, October 8, 2009


i have to get me one of these adorable fluffies...



Wednesday, October 7, 2009


how nawwwwww worthy is this picture?!



Monday, October 5, 2009


i recieved some shocking news today.

the production of one of my favourite shows, 'bones' has shut down because my all time favourite actor, David Boreanaz, is sick with possibly swine flu. dear lord i hope he is ok.

so david, even though you would never read my blog i hope you get better soon! we need you to provide us with strong yet comical characters with gorgeous bodies and cheeky smiles!

please please please get better,



so theres a litle suprise coming at you from Helsinki land. its some news that MAY come as a shock to some but non the less its a decision i have made....

i have decided to, for a period of time, give up drinking.


and by drinking i DO MEAN ALCOHOL. not water or, heaven forbid, coke.

why, you ask. why are you doing this helsinki?

because my boyfriend is awesome is why. since tom is giving up drinking for a period of time as well i have decided to support him the best way i can and give up drinking as well. GO US.

so i spose im kinda straight edge now... but im NOT getting those cross tattoos or anything so dont worry!

over and out,


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bif Naked

hey y'all people in blogger land!

how goes life? im here to blast your lilfe with MORE awesome music. MOAR DID YOU SAY?! MOAR?!

damn straight more!

so heres on of my favourite old school musical artists who ive recently gotten back into.

Bif Naked.

Reasons why Bifs so frickin awesome? cause shes a wicked ass singer with attitude to boot.

but other then her musical talents and her awesome array of tattoos she is wicked cause she STRAIGHT EDGE.

how many hardcore rockers now day are STRAIGHT EDGE? and proud of it as well?

not to mentions shes damn sexy.

anyway some of Bifs best songs, or so i believe, are 'lucky', 'let down' and 'daddys getting married'.

so be awesome, go and google her and youtube her!



Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Moon Images

hey all,

just thought id show you some of the new banners for New Moon which have just been released. Therefront than needed for her character, especially when her character is BARELY in any of the books. Gah it STILL annoys me when she gets promoted the same amount as Alice, who is Bella's best friend and a main character. The second banner is of the Volturi with Jane taking up the front. The last banner is of the wolf pack, Jacob in the spotlight, looking as good as ever.




this picture makes none



Tuesday, September 29, 2009


i randomly logged onto my old photobucket acount earlier today and found a collection of old images i had uploaded there! some of them even have me with my mermaid hair! GASP! that means that they're over a year old!

so heres some of them for you to ridicule me about...

heres one of maddy, mark and me taken from the night we saw the beauty and the beast musical that my high school OLMC and marcellin did together...

heres one from radnom fun nights at my place of mark and i...

heres a pic of maddy and me when i first had my mermaid hair cut off...

and heres two random ones of me and my primary school buddy, erica, with some viewbank mates...

they were from a LONNNG tome ago!


Monday, September 28, 2009

The amazing talents of Jae Atkins

so heres the deal kiddos- i have discovered another awesomely fresh and amazing talent in the form of 21 year old, Jae Atkins. i was introduced to Atkins through my awesome twin tash dash, who had become awesome friends with him. because they had become friends i had to check up on atkins just to make sure he wasnt a like... a normal person or something else boring...

upon some talking via msn i discovered atkins passion for music and performing arts and managed to convince him to email me some of his music. atkins then sent me some of his most recent music, 'set alight' and 'this heaven (we're faking)'.

but before i give you the link to his myspace i just wanna tell you a bit more about atkins.

a talented musician at only 21, atkins plays both guitar and piano as well as singing lead and back up in his songs. begining at first as an escape, atkins abilities showed a promising musician to come. after 5 years of guitar and vocal work with a years worth of piano, atkins creates lyrically beautiful pieces with intruiging guitar riffs that entrances the listener. with influences such as pink floyd, queen and nirvana, atkins is fantastic to listen to.

to listen to some of his music and read more about him you can stalk him via his myspace,

hope you find him as wickedly talented as me,


Vampire Cat



Sunday, September 27, 2009

The OC

so in my ABUNDANCE of free time i have devolped a new habit.

watching old episodes of the OC on youku.

no before you all get ashamed of me in my teeny bopperness i feel that i need to explain that i was the generation of the oc viewers. i watched in from year 8 and got hooked on the gorgeousness that was ryan atwood, played by benjemin mckenzie, in all his bad boy, magnificent body and cheeky smile ways. however now that i am rewatching a new character is popping to my mind as being attractive.

and sadly this guy is FILF.

and it is sandy cohen, played by peter gallagher.

his lovely smile and cheeky humour mixed with a do-gooder attitude is strangely alluring to me..

so heres what i ask to you-

have you ever gone and rewatched a tv show or movie and found yourself attracted to the most unlikely of characters? whether they be old or ugly or corrupt? cause i wanna know who else lusts for the random characters....

just think about it...


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


yep.... im weird...


hope u enjoyed it!




ok so i tend to have nerd moments. like when someone mentions buffy or lotr and i go off on a random tangent about them completely unaware of the werid looks im getting given by my audience. but today, i officially became a nerd. how?

i spent 40 minutes talking to a 10 year old about harry potter over breakfast and even missed my chance of having bacon and eggs to continue the discussion.

i am a nerd.

but then again i spose my first name is Sirius for a reason...

anyway ive got to bail to my next class,



Friday, September 18, 2009









hey there Dash!

this is my random blog entry to say HEYYYY to you for reading my blog 3 times a day! i love you girl!



Wednesday, September 16, 2009


and no, this is NOT proof that i have too much time on my hands but merely proof that i utalise my free to time to the best of my ability...



p.s. the hobbits are going to isengard




for your dietry needs....



Christians Clips

hey everyone!

heres me, trying to spread the awesome news of one of my best mate, Christians, amazing music talent.

so i hope u enjoyed the little video of him playing some music he wrote.



Monday, September 14, 2009

Full New Moon trailer

hey y'all,

i gots me a full new moon trailer for your enjoyment.

just dont watch it if you want to be suprised cause it gives shitloads away.

and heres some new movie stills as well that unfortunatly i cant paste on here but ive got you the link....



Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

FML i love you

i found this whilst stalking FML....

Today, my boyfriend and I were getting a bit steamy. After a few minutes, he jumps up and runs over to the closet and puts on a long brown jacket putting the hood over to his eyes. He looks me in the eyes and says 'I am Obi Wan Kenobi and I'm going to slay you with my light saber'. FML

fucking best one EVER.



Friday, September 11, 2009

Vampire Blog Entry

please note straight away that the article which i am leaving the link for was not written by me but was another blog entry written by Helen O'Hara from Empire magazine.

this blog entry is a refreshing take on the recent obsession with vampires but still manages to respect the classics (like angel *drools*).

i advise you read it and get the different perspective, although twihards might find it offensives cause yes, Edward is a dirty old man at 108 years hitting on an underage girl. Pedo much? at least angel wasnt pretending to be a schoolboy when he fell for buffy.



Thursday, September 10, 2009

new sickness

now that we're back at school theres a sickness going round.

its horrid. it can give you headaches. it can give u stomach pain. it can give you cramps. it can give you sore legs. it can make your eyes itch. it can make your skin burn.

whats this horrid sickness you ask?

its schoolitis.

now that the little yr 2's have moved out of their junior school and into the big bad world of yr 3's with all the big kids there is suddenly a lot of headaches and stomach pains during the more boring of lessons. its even been croping up in some of the new yr 4 transfer students.

shame these kids dont realise that it wont get them out of their big kid classes. nice try guys, but us teachers were once young too.


For Lincolnshire...

Lincolnshire born,
Lincolnshire bred,
Strong in the arm,
Thick in the head.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Old comic con 2009 photos

ok so i KNOW comic con 2009 was AGGGESSSS ago but when i get bored i stalk IMDB and i came across these old photos of the twilight cast prmoting new moon.

ok now can someone EXPLAIN to me why kristen stewart decided to go to comic con looking like a fucking druggie? seriously, sure she might wanna wear bumming around clothes sometimes, shes only human but when you're appearing infront of a large audience dont you think you should maybe run a comb through ur hair or something rather then having it look like something died on your head and the smell is preventing you from sleeping?

kristen looked like shit, especially in comparison to her lovely co-star, ashley greene who looked amazing in a pink dress, lovely hair and a clean makeup palet. nice work ashley, you look might damn fine!

kristen, your not that hot that you can pull off a mullet,


Sunday, September 6, 2009

you love it...



GOGIRL device

check it out, a new device has been invented that allows women to pee standing up.

its called the GOGIRL and is a relatively small silon device that means no more squatting for us ladies!

heres a vid on it:

the world is evolving people!


bitch bitch whine whine

ok, i know ive only JUST come back to school but ive already got something to bitch and whine about. it all started when i got my new timetable...

last term my time off was stretched over a thursday afternoon. i had off from 12.15 to 10 in the evening which was lovely (please note- though that may sound like a lot of time off it is not for someone like me who works 16 hour days 6-7 days a week and is on call 24/7). i liked my time off arangement cause it meant i go leave school and have fun! this was, however, until my deputy headmaster came to me and said that i was required to complete a random hour of patrol from 6.30 to 7.30 in the middle of my time off. now this kinda cheesed me off cause there was no use me coming back to school for the patrol and bailing again afterwards, it would be pointless. so my time was cut down by an hour and made another 2 and a half hours pointless. though i didnt mind TOO much. i still got to see my boyfriend tom for a couple hours a week and every second weekend. the deal was, however, that i did this extra hour and would be compensated for it in my time off this term.

this has not happened.

instead of having my time off not interrupted by a patrol it has been cut DOWN by another hour and split in two so now i only have wednesday morning off which is completely useless and from 7.30 to 10 on a thursday night off. WHAT THE FUCK. my time off is COMPLETELY FUCKING USELESS TO ME.

they KNOW i worked extra last term.

they KNOW i always saw tom on my time off.

all this pisses me off cause it means i now only get to see my boyfriend, the man i completely love and adore, ONCE EVERY TWO FUCKING WEEKS.

now how the HELL is that fair?!

see even though tom has said he will drive 2 hours every thursday to see me for a total of 2 and a half hours thats hardly fair on him. :(

so im angsty. im pissed. im angry. im upset. and im already missing tom.



so kiddos,

check it out, im back at school! you know what that means...


the reason i blog more whilst at school is because sites that i reguarly visit such as facebook, youtube, porn sites ;) etc. are blocked. as a result i spend obscene amounts of time on blogger, sharing my life to you guys! YAYNESS!

so since im at school my rants begin...



Saturday, September 5, 2009

go to this site!!!

i was o IMDB whilst watching the hugh grant film 'about a boy' and found one of the website you see grants character visiting.


it made me laugh.



Hugos Lincoln Virginity

so last night was a friday. not just any friday, but the last friday before term starts. so katie and decided we would go out into lincoln and steal hugos lincoln virginity. now hugo and i have been living near lincoln since january yet he has never gone out and experienced lincoln nightlife. forshame hugo, forshame!

off we went, katie, hugo and i into lincoln to meet up with one of katies mates, hackney and my other half, tom. after hugo almost getting booted from the first bar for having 'incorrect' ID (it was a bloody keypass) we went on to another bar, got some yummy shots, in return for me and katie kissing i got to watch tom kiss hackney which was definatly hot, then moved onto the walkabout for jagerbombs and dancing! woot!

now there are photos but facebook just got blocked so i didnt get them :( but when i do i shall put some up for you guys!



Thursday, August 27, 2009

PARIS: montmatre


So today was our bumming around day. We slept in, which was awesome, then went make-up shopping where I got me a new mascara, a wicked sparkly blue eyeliner and an awesome lipgloss called Eric. Now most people know I like to name my possessions so its natural for you to assume I named my lipgloss Eric. But suprisingly I didn't. This chain of lipgloss by brand Urban Decay names each colour not by some cheesy cliche like 'summer berries' and crap but by the name of the hot guy on the lid. The lids are quite big and have holograms on it which changes from Eric dressed in a suit to Eric in underwear. The front has his gorgeous abs, the back has his gorgeous ass.

All together I like Eric.

Anyway, after the shopping we went up to Sacre Couer, in Montmatre, which was ok fun. I got a pretty set of kitty earrings :) then we quickly went and showed Jac and Paul the Moulin Rouge (WAY less impressive in real life then in the movie).

Now i'm about to eat, shower, sleep. Possibly talk to Tom somewhere amoungst that.

Ta ta dearies,



So we arrived on the eurostar in paris then went straight to the hotel. The others went walkies whilst i enjoyed some needed quiet time. Sleep was seriously welcome! Then the next day...

HELLO EIFFEL TOWER! So we got up uber early and went to the Eiffel tower cause jacs wanted to climb it without crowds. Well there wasnt any real crowds which was fair awesome cause it meant we could really enjoy the view. However, cause im a lazy ass, i caught the lift down instead of climbing down one of the legs with the others i ended up waiting at the base for like 20 mins alone. In those 20 mins i saw some of those annoying guys who go around trying to sell shitty souviners, illegally of course, get caught by two undercover coppers who snatched them pretty violently. It was fair intresting actually. It was good to see that the coppers do their duty here.

Anyway after the brawl we checked out Notre Dame and had lunch at the same creperie i ate at last time i was over here in paris which was nice. Then we all came back and collapsed into our bed to the news of ted kennedys death.

Well ted kennedy eh? Bout time he died, the bastard. Who cares what he did politically. How he left the girl to die in a submerged car is horrid. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Im off,



off we toddled back to london. here me and the family checked out the tower of london and i introduced my family to joss whedons new series, Dollhouse. not much else happened in london. we bailed on the euro star to our next destination, PARIS!

Highlights of London revisited:
-dad, paul and i getting the tv stuck on a porn sight, trying to change it using the dodgy remote before my mother walked in
-seeing the wicked torture equipment in the tower of london
-getting PAID

more on my adventures later,


Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Moon teaser trailer 2

heads up twilight fans, a second trailer has been released, this one showing MUCH more footage and with taylor lautner commentating on particular elements of the movie.

oh yeh, its go lots of hotness in it :)




kilt land. SCOTLANDDDD

nwards to scotland! Travelling up through belfast whilst listening tol baelic music and looking at the masses of beautiful purple heather we made our way to our ferry, an uber fast one that pumps out the same amount of water in a minute as niagra falls does in a second. Annoying ther ferry was delayed about 40 mins which made us late for our evening activity which was a traditional scottish evening. Anyways, we got our asses to this evening do which turned out to be hell fun. The dancing was amazing, as was the singing, and i even found the bagpipes endurable! But the most important part of the evening was the ceremony of the haggis.

Yes, i ate haggis.

And it actually didnt taste half bad and OH MY GOD I JUST SAW THE CUTEST PUPPY!!!

...sorry. Im writing this on the bus as i leave scotland and we just stopped on the boarder and there was an adorable puppy....BUT more on that next entry.

Back to scotland now...

so after the evening i bailed back to the hotel whilst mum and dad went for walkies and attempted to call tom. This however was hahd since i had no reception in my room which ment i was exiled to the stairwell. By now i was fair pissed cause i was looking forward to a warm bath and a long convo with my boyfriend but instead had a cold stiarwell and a brief greeting :(

but the next day i awoke hopeful of a fun day. We had a brief bus tour with a scottish man who gave us the low down on everything which was fair intresting. Then we were released to the beautiful city of edinburgh to explore. After brief shopping i bailed back to the hotel and slept for a couple hours before going to the military tattoo performance which was HELL awesome. Taking place outfront edinburgh castle there were fireworks, hundreds of of bagpipes, dancers, drum sitcks with lights in them and drumsticks on FIRE. Awesome much?!

Then to top off the night i got to talk to my boyfriend which was great cause i was missing him muchly.

Okie doke more for you guys later!


Fiddly dee potatoes. IRELAND.

So when you think about ireland one of the first things to spring to mind is guiness. So whilst chilling out in ireland me and the family went on a guiness tour 3wich happened to coinside with the 250th anniversary of the drink, to that very day. Lucky us! So after a brief tour of the guiness factory and a complementary drink (i chose lemonade instead of guiness cause i cant stand the stuff) we settled down for a awesome ass meal (i did at tis point have some guiness just for the sake of it before being ushered out and bused back to our hotel.

Our hotel was fair nice. We where on the bottom floor and had 3 belconies off our room plus a nice big tv and free internet which allowed me to abuse facebook. And update my blog of course. Now, due to lack of internet i am sitting on the bus typing this entry into a word document which i will paste on blogger cause i dont wanna forget anything.

The only one annoying thing about dublin is that its in southern ireland which means that its not part of the UK. To me that means euros, not pounds and much more expensive text messages. The result of this? I have no money and cant even complain about it to my boyfriend.

Highlights of Dublin:
-watching mums face as she had some guiness, bloody priceless!
-paul overflowing the sink in the hotel bathroom whilst soaking his stained shirt
-me wondering why people where looking at me oddly until i realised i was in one of the most catholic countries in the world and wearing my big pentagram earrings. Oops.

Okie doke time for me to try and nap now, though im highly doubtful i will be able to on this cursed bus,


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


ahoy hoy there,

next stop for us was ireland! after bailing waled via a ferry we reached the old viking town of waterford, home of the famous waterford crystal. upon arriving we were all pretty buggered so sleep was welcome.

the next morning we got up and had a brief walking tour with an awesome guide (a hell of better guide then our main tour one) who made us laugh and even entertained us via roll play. then afte4r the tour we all climbed on the bus excited about going to the waterford crystal factory (jacs especially) to be told by our fuck head guide that it was closed down. GRRRR much?

so from there we contiued our way to dublin, stopping at the irish stud on the way, the stud being where they train award winning horses. upon arriving at our seaside hotel in dublin we ate, then slept.

the next day we got up and went into the city to see the book of kells and explore. mum bought me a new claddah ring, a nice big one to replace my old broken one, as well as one for herself and jacs, though theres were identical and smaller, more delicate.

after that we went on a tour of the guiness factory where we saw how its made and brewed and such and afterwards a free drink (i chose NOT to have guiness since its FERAL tasting) in the gravity bar, a circular room 7 stories high with glass walls before a lovely meal below.

highlights of ireland:

-pauls face as he was used in the roleplay and told jacs character had 22 kids :D
-getting my awesome new ring
-seeing the magnificent library in trinity college
-jacs getting some waterford crystal
-mums face as she tried guiness and completely hated it!!!

adventures from my next destination, scotland to come!



Bath and Wales

hey hey there!

so heres some more info on my lovely adventures...

from london me and the family got on a bus tour that took us round the UK. first stop, stonehenge. my first question on that- what the hell makes something a henge? like did a person come round and go 'oohhh this looks henge like!' or something?!

then we travelled on to bath, home of the roman baths as well as jane austen. that was fair fun due to all the history aspect of it all.

anyway after that we all hopped back on the bus and got ready for more driving to our next destination: wales. so other than getting really annoyed about how confusing welsh is to look at (i say look cause there was no chance in hell i could read it) we had an intresting night with all of us sitting in mum, dads and my room watching anchor man. god, we are awesome. the next day, onwards to ireland!!!

highlights from wales:

-meeting shitloads of americans on our tour
-falling over infront of heaps of people at stonehenge then convincing my mother that my clumsiness is not new, ive had it all my life
-getting a new bracelet to add to my collection
-watching anchor man (best movie ever)

adventures in ireland coming soon!




hello kiddos,

sorry for the lack of posting, ive been travelling around the uk as you all know. heres an update on my adventures...

it started with tom driving me to heathrow to meet my dad and brother in law, paul upon their arrival. dad was due to arrive at 5.55AM and paul 6.40AM (they were on different flights cause they flew different companies) however, pauls flight was delayed 4 hours and my dad was clueless. hence an immediate fuck up in tom and my plans. so paul and i decided that tom and i would pick dad up, take him to the hotel and paul would get his own ass there. so my awesome boyfriend drove me through the wee hours of the morning with no sleep after a 6 our shift to pick my dad up. we then waited and hour and a half for my dad to arrive to find out he was came out of a different terminal and hour previosly. oh joy. we then navigated our way out of heathrow and into london where we arrived at our hotel but because of the early hour, were unable to check in. so it was hello hyde park but more importantly...


they are so 'naaaaaaaaaaw' worthy creatures. plus tom promised to get me one. so after many hours in hyde park we met up with paul and all was well.

adventures in london include-

-me lying in four major parks; hyde park, st.james park, green park and the one next to big ben
-paul and i having a waterfight and getting soaked in the gardens next to big ben
-jacs,my sister, and i cramming into a urine smelling telephone booth
-buying two mangoes as a random object for a bet
-being dubbed by tom 'the squirrel lady'
-squeezing all our luggage plus jacs plus paul plus me into a black cab
-having mum tear up when i gave her a goodnight kiss
-being able to bail at the end of each night into toms arms :)

yeh so thats the shizz on london. more adventures next post!



Monday, August 10, 2009


just thought i would give you all a heads up, im going travelling with my mother, dad, sister and brother in law in a couple of days so i probably wont be able to blog for a couple of weeks :(

so i hope that you guys have aN AWESOME couple of weeks and when i come back i shall have lovely stories to share with you all.



Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Vampires Assistant

heads up, new vamp movie to hit. though this one promises to be a bit quiriker then you average blood and sex vampire story.

also known as 'cirque du freak' the story follows the character of darren shan played by chris massoglia who becomes the assistant to the intresting vampire larten of cirque du freak, character played by john c rielly.

a promising film that gives a different image of vampires... heres the trailer...



Why Joss Whedon is god

why do you ask, do i adore joss wedon?

because he understands the value of not having a completely happy ending. he understands and hows though his work, that happiness comes at a price and that it doesnt always come to everyone. because of this you can never predict his endings. no matter what, you will always be in some way, completely suprised.

example one:

see ending for season 2 of buffy the vampire slayer. buffy fights angelus in hopes that willow can restore his soul. instead of angel having his soul restored, the world not ending and buffy and him being happy together like it would if stephanie meyer was writing it, angelus opens the gateway to hell, has his soul restored in time for buffy to send the man she loved into hell. the audience DID NOT see that one coming.

example two:

see ending of season 4 angel. world peace has finally happened. so what happens? angel and his crew destroy world peace and get rewarded by having their arch nemisis wolfram and hart turn aro9und and give them the keys to their mutli million dollar law firm. LIKE WTF MATE?

example three:

see ending of serenity. instead of our hero mal or another one of the warriors like zoe or jane dying the three victims are a preacher, shepard book, a pilot, wash *sniff* and a computer nerd, mr. universe. all of which were unepected.

to sum up, joss is god bacause he doesnt follow the mould and he will always suprise his audiences.



Angel vs. Edward

for all TRUE vampire lovers around the world the obsession did not begin with edward cullen. it started with brad pitt and tom cruise in interview with a vampire or gary oldman in bram stokers dracula or in my case, angel from buffy the vampire slayer.

the point im trying to make here- edward, there aint nothing unique about you. so you sparkle- big deal!

and in the words of joss whedon, creator of buffy the vampire slayer, 'angel would kick the shit out of him. he's angelus.'

joss, i completely agree.

love from


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


now i, like many others, enjoy gaming. half-life, counter strike, unreal tournament and doom are just some examples of popular games which thrive on an audience wanting danger, adventure but most importantly, violence. though despite how good graphics get it will still always be, merely a game.

new movie, entitled 'gamer' suggests otherwise.

'Gamer' is set in the future where the world of online gaming has taken a new concept. instead of creating a character to control in dangerous situations you control a live human being who is forced to bend to your will.

so if you lose the game, someone loses their life...

starring the ever so awesome gerald butler with music by marilyn manson on the soundtrack, 'gamer' promises to be the next big action movie.

heres the link for you to check out:

enjoy bitches!



so whats the best thing to do whilst waiting for paint to dry?

why watchng scrubs of course!

except when you start watching it you become attracted to the ever so lovely bastard, dr.cox.

like WTF mate? how can i be finding the mean, cruel, harsh blunt ass of a man perry cox completely sexy?

mate, im as confused as you.

so i wanna know if anyone else has ever found a completely random character sexy or cute or hot or damn right do-able.



Monday, August 3, 2009

Johnny Whitworth

my first exposure to johnny whitworth was when at the young age of 8 i watched the awesome film empire records at my sisters 16th birthday party where johnny played the utterly gorgeous character of AJ.

now the reason i wanted to mention Johnny Whitworth is because it would seem that he just gets better looking as he gets older yet still manages to keep his boyish smile.

johnny's film list includes:

1. Valediction (2010) (post-production) .... Nathan Sawyer
2. Ny-Lon (2009) (TV) (completed)
3. Gamer (2009) .... Scotch
4. The Things We Carry (2009) .... Jeremiah
5. Reach for Me (2009) .... Kevin
6. "CSI: Miami" .... Detective Jake Berkeley / ... (11 episodes, 2006-2008)
... aka "CSI: Weekends" (USA: promotional title)
- Resurrection (2008) TV episode .... ATF Agent Jake Berkeley
- Stand Your Ground (2007) TV episode .... Detective Jake Berkeley
- Sunblock (2007) TV episode .... Detective Jake Berkeley
- Deep Freeze (2007) TV episode .... Detective Jake Berkeley
- Bang, Bang, Your Debt (2007) TV episode .... Detective Jake Berkeley
(6 more)
7. Pathology (2008) .... Griffin Cavenaugh
8. 3:10 to Yuma (2007) .... Darden
9. Factory Girl (2006) .... Silver George
10. "Without a Trace" .... Miles Sussmann (1 episode, 2006)
... aka "W.A.T" (USA: short title)
- White Balance (2006) TV episode .... Miles Sussmann
11. "Numb3rs" .... Dante Baker (1 episode, 2005)
... aka "Num3ers" (USA: promotional title)
- Obsession (2005) TV episode .... Dante Baker
12. "Cold Case" .... Maurice Warfield 1978 (1 episode, 2005)
- Blank Generation (2005) TV episode .... Maurice Warfield 1978
13. "The Handler" .... Denver (1 episode, 2003)
- Homewrecker's Ball (2003) TV episode .... Denver
14. Wuthering Heights (2003) (TV) .... Hendrix
15. Kiss the Bride (2002) .... Marty Weinberg
16. A.K.A. Birdseye (2002) .... Trent Doone
... aka Birdseye (USA)
17. The Anarchist Cookbook (2002) .... Sweeney
18. "The Shield" .... Effi Montecito (1 episode, 2002)
- Cupid & Psycho (2002) TV episode .... Effi Montecito
19. "Providence" .... Jason Zeller (1 episode, 2001)
- Home Sweet Home (2001) TV episode .... Jason Zeller
20. "NYPD Blue" .... Jason Bazedon (1 episode, 2001)
- Dying to Testify (2001) TV episode .... Jason Bazedon
21. Valentine (2001) .... Max Raimi
22. Shadow Hours (2000) .... Tron
23. Bullslingers (2000)

24. Me and Will (1999) .... Fred
25. Out in Fifty (1999) .... Whitey
26. Hell's Kitchen (1998) .... Patty
... aka Hell's Kitchen N.Y.C. (USA)
27. Can't Hardly Wait (1998) (voice) (uncredited) .... Gum Boy
28. In God's Hands (1998) (uncredited) .... Lead Singer
29. The Rainmaker (1997) .... Donny Ray Black
... aka John Grisham's The Rainmaker (USA: complete title)
30. "Gun" .... James Munday (1 episode, 1997)
... aka "Robert Altman's Gun"
- The Hole (1997) TV episode .... James Munday
31. Somebody Is Waiting (1996) .... Leon
32. Empire Records (1995) .... A.J.
... aka Empire
... aka Rock & Fun
33. Bye Bye Love (1995) .... Max Cooper
34. "Party of Five" .... P.K. Strickler (2 episodes, 1994)
- Fathers and Sons (1994) TV episode .... P.K. Strickler
- Pilot (1994) TV episode .... P.K. Strickler


i hope you will go out and get yourself a johnny whitworth hit!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Suicide Girls

you wanna know whats hot? suicide girls are hot. theres just something about tattoos and piercings on a chick that drives me mental. however, upon meditation, i have decided the reason for this is because my first girlfriend had a tattoo and a tongue piercing. but thats besides the point cause i dont wanna talk about my ex. i wanna talk about sexy suicide girls and which ones are my particular favourites and just what about them that draws me in...

has got to be her face in general. her jawline is so awesomely sculptured!

has wicked hair and kudos to the awesome artwork in the background.

wicked. ass. make up.

i seriously wish i had her hair!!!

check out the tatt on her chest. wicked even though its a coloured one.

her hat will be mine....

kudos for the phone...

really like her leg band... plus she reminds me of tash and tash is hot and sexy as!

marvel at the sexyness,