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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Helsinki wants to talk about motorbikes. And how much she loves them. anyone who has known me long enough is aware i have a soft spot for them. i probably get it from my mother who spent a year on the back of one when she was in america with her first husband.

anyway i LOVE them. their sexy. their wicked. but most of all their FAST. i like SPEED.

... not the drug kind (snaps to christian...coke :D )

recently my mate john took me out on his wicked yamaha bike cause we had to get back from some random airfield he flew us to. and cause we were going along some M freeway we were doing like 110 miles per hour. thats MILES. in kilometers its like.... bout 177 or something. cause its LEGAL, well relatively *cough cough* to go that fast here. and it was HELL FUN. seriously, besides the fact that my hands froze due to the 3 degree temperature it was the best i swear. everyone ought to go along that fast on a bike. granted had we been hit there would be nothing left of us but still... it was worth it. i would say it was the time of my life but im doing it all again next week so that will be just as much fun.

i also decided to put a pic of a wicked Ducati in this entry cause i was in their shop the other day. HOT bikes... im in love with red ones... ;)



Thursday, January 29, 2009

jaffa cakes

ok so u wanna know whats awesome? JAFFA CAKES.

yeah thsts right. JAFFA CAKES. they are he best.
we dont have them in australia so i will describe them for all those who have never experienced the awesomness of jaffa cakes.

they have a soft cakey base... with a chunk of orange jelly in the middle...covered with chocolate.

i am in love. well i am in love with a person as well but jaffa cakes come a close second. no wait... HIM comes second...then meeko...ok i cant work out the order so i'll just say i love them. and australians- speak up and GET JAFFA CAKES!!!!!!!!

ive already eaten like 4 packets. not good. no-body tell my mother... she might try and put me on a diet...


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new addiction

uh oh Helsinki has a new addiction. this is not good.

things i am currently addicted to:
The 69 Eyes
Checking my email
Checking my phone (despite the fact that no-one from home every messages my australian phone and i only have 2 contacts on my english phone and my mate john is the only one who ever messages it)
Dropkick Murphys
Cadbury creme eggs (THANK YOU micky for making me want these everytime i go out bloody old bastard)
Salt and vinegar chips

AND my new addiction


yeah thats right. out of ALL the things to get addicted to it HAD to be one that costs me LOTSA money. seriously ive been a member for 2 hours. ive already bought a new pair oof custom heartagram gloves, a new heartagram belt and

get this

HIM guitar pick earrings. seriously. they are picks with a venus doom promotional picture of the band on them. fucking. awesome.

but the bad part is usually theres people to stop me from my addiction (or in the case of the coke encourage it....good ol christian bought me losta bottles!)

anyway i am stuck using my credit card for now which means that my parentals will know if i buy anything (mother wasnt happy when the bill for Tony arrived). hopefully my first pay will go into my bank account here soon and i can start using that card instead. then i can buy WHATEVER i want....


that is all


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australian of the Year

Recently i was reading up on the new Australian of the Year, Mick Dobson. Now everyone who knows me is aware of how pro-multicultralism i am and how much i loath racism. there is no place for it in australian culture which is why i was so pissed off when Mick Dobson, an aboriginal, won this award. too start- out of the 8 candidates for this award, 3 were aboriginal. THREE. just so people know- the population of aboriginals currently in australia compared to other nationalities is 1 in 40. FORTY. to justify having 3 aboriginies in the running the ratio would have to be FIFTEEN in 40. now tell me how this is fair. i can tell you.


Mick Dobson rants about an 'us' and them 'whites' yet his Irish ancestory makes him one of those 'whites'. is this REALLY the type of person we want winning our australian of the year? by speaking about aborigines as seperate to other australians they are not helping their people.

why is it every other race can generally get along well in this land (with some exceptions re: christians latest blog entry but aboriginal leaders like Mick Dobson see the need to seperate their race from the rest of us.

the black americans fought for their rights, and granted they shouldnt have had too, but having EXTRA rights handed to the aboriginals because someones dead relatives took away their land under the orders of a COMPLETELY different country IS NOT RIGHT.

how can we expect aboriginals to truely become accepted if we segregate them by giving them extra rights and, like the case of Mick Dobson, acknologing them above other hard working australians because of their nationality. it is not right that the previous generation and this generation are paying for sins they didnt commit!

GAH i could go on for HOURS with this rant cause im that annoyed. dammit whreres torii to debate this issue with me?!

grrrrrrrrrr from a very frustrated


Monday, January 26, 2009

i have a dream

'...our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness...We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus, and nonbelievers. We are shaped by every language and culture, drawn from every end of this Earth. And because we have tasted the bitter swill of civil war and segregation and emerged from that dark chapter stronger and more united, we cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself; and that America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace...' Barack Obama

i just wanted to post that and say that i bet it will appear in civil rights movement textbooks alongside Martin Luthor King Jr. (one of my favourite historical figures) 'i have a dream' speech.

just wanted to say it first so that when i DOES happen i can be like 'yeeeah read my blog babeeee'

...well actally now that i think about it i highly doubt i will ever say 'babee' but my point still remains...


random poem

ok so i was randomly surfing le web and came across this poem. i dont even know why im posting it. its a completely un-Helsinki peom. i mean, no-one dies and theres no awesome blood but i felt the urge to put it up anyway. so reek the beniefiets of my random surfing. you'll probably hate it. i dont know if i like it or not. actually thats why i probably wanted to post it...cause im unsure.

NOTE: the pic is completely random. i was googling stars and it came up. i though it was a well painted pic.

My Star

By anon

Twinkle twinkle little,
How you mock me from afar,
You shine so brightly, so pure, such light,
Laughing at my pointless plight,
My existence, so meaningless, so cruel,
How could u challange me to such a duel?
To be compared to such hope, such significance,
I dont understand, it makes no sense,
Whar can be shared between the star and me?
But i suppose all that matters is the love that shines in the mind of he.

Gilly, Torii- ready to comment on it english freaks?

annnnnd GO!


my. new. phone.

so everyone who knows me is aware of how i like to throw my phones around. because technology shits me. i will swear, hit, bash, kick and insult any technology that decides to be a bitch to me. i loved this phone i had in australia cause i lost the back so the battery would fall outwhenevr i threw the phone around and then just put back together perfectly. but then i had to go drop that in a sink. then i got given this shitty old red one (which did NOT go faster) but was awesomely unbreakable. i still have it. and when i first arrived in the motherland i bought a brand spanking new phone. which i somehow fucked up so that it wouldnt allow me to use it. then cause it was kicking aorund uselessly in my handbag i broke it when i threw my bag down. SO i went out and bought ANOTHER phone. one i intend on keeping in tact. people be proud- ive only thrown it down 3 times in the past day. ive already lost count of how often ive sworn at it though.... but still im slooooowely making an improvement. be proud :D

and also be proud that i didnnt mention the word vomit.

well at least up until that sentance.

nom nom nom


Sunday, January 25, 2009


So for all those who care i was recently sick. NOT FUN. Cause i SO wanna spend my exeat (when the kids have to go home at 3.30 friday afternoon instead of staying until their usual 5-ish saturday afternoon- they go to school 6 days a week) vomiting. JOy oh joy. i was sick all thursday night then had to spend all friday hiding in be so i wouldnt infect any of the kids then one of the TA's, this wicked chick called Katie, took me to her place for the weekend so i spent it lying on her couch watching the first few eps of Dark Angel and Roswell cause they were randomly on E4. But my main point in this is to say just how much i hate vomiting. its so annoying. and icky and all round EW. and the hard thing was when i first started vomiting i had to do it QUIETLY so i wouldnt wake my boarders up. do you know how hard it is to VOMIT QUIETLY?! thats the type of sacrafices i make for my boarders. so i spent all thursday night/morning alternating between vomiting in my toilet (which, i forgot to mention, is painted PINK) and trying sleep on the bathroom floor so if i couldnt make it to the toilet i would get tiles instead. AND cause im so awesome i managed to still get my girls up at 7 in the morning and get them ready for breakfast WITHOUT letting them catch on to the fact that i had been vomiting my INTESTINES out. and dont you hate it when you've been vomiting so hard that by the end your only vomiting BILE?!

yeah thats right. i made a blog entry about me vomiting. praise me.

peace out


p.s. ive stopped vomiting now.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

the 'FAMILY'

ok so ive always been uber weird when it comes to family cause i believe that just cause a person shares the same blood as you doesnt make them more important- i rather believe that a person has to earn the right to be called family. now this came into debate in my family recently cause they pretty much all are like 'bloods thicker then water' but since im the one that always seemed to get their crap i was always like 'blood may be thicker then water but actions are a hell of a lot more useful then blood links' which, needless to say, upsets them, my brother in particular cause he generally thinks he can continually fuck up and cause hes my brother ill naturally forgive him. NOTE: i am not saying that i dont like my family- i do, i love them muchness but they drive me completely insane sometimes, like all families do.

which is where i come to my other families. but ill only speak about one for now-

this family began in a lit lesson between Gilly and Tash. anyway they were studying something to do with a couple (for some reason the guy used to wear a tea cosy hat) and they decided that Gilly would be the husband (my guess is because she loves tea) and Tash wold be the wife. Somehow i got put into it originally as the daughter.... but then cause i happen to have kissed both gilly AND tash i became the mistress... which actually suits me. then Christian became the bunny who likes cake and pat became the kitten. i just love how the females are human and the males are animals.. he he

anyway we had this family gathering and we were playing truth or dare... and i decided i wanted Pat to eat and onion...they ALWAYS make ME think of the dares... so i was grazing through my photoss and found the video i made of Pat taking a bite of the onion...


Pat- the man eating the onion
Christian- the constant laughing in the background
Gilly- the giggler
Tash- 'the quicker you do it the quicker it will be done'
Helsinki- the narrator/camera chick

yeh so this is what our family does when we wanna spend 'quality time' with each other. well its either that or getting pissed on a tennis court.... but thats another story...



p.s: sorry the clips sideways...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Anyone who loves HIM, The Rasmus and Apocalyptica then watch this track. its so frickin wicked.

...yeah just thought id spread the word...its actually quite an old clip but anyway...



the ever awesome jensen/dean

ok since i used to have dial up i could never go onto youtube cause it would take too long to load soooo now i have have discovered how awesome it is (i found a way to get around the firewall- go me) and have been looking up Supernatural stuff cause- wait for it- THEY DONT HAVE IT HERE!!! *shock face* its horrid i know. so i have been youtubing all my jensen ackles needs. i found 2 awesome clips which i have posted for your amusement. Gilly i sent one to you as well. The first one is a compilation of the many idiotic faces of Dean. plus just to make it even more awesome it has the Star Wars cantina music in the background. The second is of Jensen singing the 'eye of the tiger' once again is truely GOLDEN. unfortunalty it wont let me embed this one so heres the link for it

waaaaatch them.

anyway i will leave you to your dean/jensen viewing pleasure...


dead puppy LOVE

so i got bored and was cleaning out my inbox (i have like 541 emails in there) and came across one that had one of my favourite pics in it. so randomly one of my mates Jam (aka james eynaud) drew this awesome pic of a puppy. i dont know y but its one of my favourite pics ever. its so simple yet...AWESOME. oh by the way- jams a bit morbid like me. hence the blood. so i decided to put this up as a tribute to james and the dead puppy. anyway i hope u like this pic as much as me.

love Helsinki

p.s- torii i know that when u see the pic you'll do your '*insert Helsinki's real name here*' noise you reserve JUST for me when i do/say morbid or crude things. i love you girl.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

GAP mates

i figured i would do a little tribute to my fellow GAP mates who, like me, have abandoned there homes to come to the motherland and help these old fashioned English folk. My dp is of me and Felix, who is awesome cause she likes Howls Moving Castle. The pic in the top right hand cornor is of (mving left to right) Brit whos placement is closest to mine, Mitch who gives AWESOME massages and Felix again. The pic in the right hand cornor is of Maddy, the colourful girl, Brit again and Ash whos room in reading was next to mine.

Anyway this is my salute to all you gappers. hope to see you again soon and we can have a repeat of our induction. Room, vodka and i-never. just hopefully we'll have mroe energy this time.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Robin Hood and Jonas Armstrong

Robin Hood is the coolest. i swear i love that tv show. plus Jonas Armstrong is one of the best english actors there is. plus hes part of the small group of guys that look good with stubble. hes up there with ryan reynolds, bam margera and ewan mcgregor to name a few.

anyway i figured i would make a post in honour of Jonas Armstrong and Robin Hood considering i am in the mother coutnry and not too far away from the area he supposedly lived. So heres me saluting you Robin *salutes the computer screen*

Yeah there was no other reason to this entry. i just wanted to say how wicked Robin is.

So im done here.


Friday, January 16, 2009

the difference between marriage and commitment

ets talk about marriage. i would love to talk about sex but lets save that for another blog eh?

so marriage. i dont like it. i think its a stupid ritual. i hate how people assume that signing a document means that your 'committed'. signing a marriage certificate doesnt make you committed- if your in a good enough relationship you dont NEED marriage to show commitment. the commitment should already be there.

now as many of my mates know that im not the poster child for commitment as i generally loath being tied down and have only ever been with 2 people for more then a month: a kid called michael in primary school so it barely counts and good ol' christian. we just made it over the month mark. but that doesnt change my views. as far as im concerned gettting married is seperate to being committed. one is writing your name on a piece of paper and the other is shown thru actions. now tell me which makes the healthier relationship?

screw getting married and having kids and all that hoo ha.

gimme my tattoo parlour, some HIM cd's, a couple of cats and ill show you the good life...


p.s torii and gilly i am fully expecting you to comment your disaproval at this post. beware cause i am prepared with rebutts....

the magic of Ville Valo

ok i want anyone who considers themselves awesome- or even half wicked to watch this clip. it is by the best band you will ever hear- H.I.M

watch and learn the magic arts of Ville Valo... who is the most incrediable singer you will ever hear...seriously. like if jesus could sing ville valo would be the one person who could sing better. thats how good he is.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arse cuts and Franki

ok so yesterday i tried to 'get involved with the kids' so i decided hey lets play basketball with the lonely little boy, now any person that knows me knows how incredably unco i am. see franki my leg. ill explain that in a min. anyway since ive been playing bball for bout 10 years now a nice easy lay up seemed like a good way to get involved. except when u lay up in heeled boots. on a wet, icy surface. and if ur me. soooo i slipped and fell down hard and of course it gets
worse cause i had my keys in my back pocket which cut through my pants and left all these lovely cuts on my friggin arse as well as lotsa bruising. fun stuff eh.

and for anyone who doesnt know the story of franki, hes the massive scar i have on the front of my left leg. the story behind that is that i was hanging at a mates with a couple of us on the bed (good ol' lanna, amy, baxter and christian- some of my old work crew) and i go to get up out of the bed, after a couple of drinks, ovewrbalance on one leg and go down onto my other knee...onto a glass. the glass broke, cut hrough my favourite pair of cargos and sliced me open to the bone. now the wound was actually really cool looking caue u could see the bone and the layers of fat and tissue. ok so only a freak like me could find slicing my leg open intresting... anyway lovely first aid trained Christian grabs my leg, elevates it and puts compression on it. him n lanna look at my leg and are like 'uhhh hospital much? maybe you should call ur rents...' so i asked to see my leg to determine if i HAD to go to the hospital *insert awesome wound here* so upon deciding i DO infact need to get stiches as its not quite normal for me to be able to see my bone i relise that if i call my mother she will completelty freak out. so i call my awesome sister/nurse/midwife 9see the pic at the top of the post- jacquie is on the left and im on the right. shes used to be in my dp cause i love her that much but ive changed the photo over to a pic of me and a mate Felix). she did not answer her home phone. so i attempted her mobile. she answered that.

the convesation went like this:

ME: hey jacquie, uhhh just wondering where you were...
JAC: umm at ur place...why?
ME: mum near you?
JAC: yep
ME: can she hear you?
JAC: yep
ME: does she know your talking to me?
JAC: yep
ME: ....
JAC: ...
ME: uhhhh
JAC: ...what have you done?
ME: i kinda need to go to the hospital..please...
JAC: what have you done to yourself?
ME: i kinda fell on a glass....its a pretty bad cut.
JAC: *going into nurse mode* is it compressed?
ME: yep
JAC:is it elevated?
ME: yep
JAC: ok mum and i are coming to get you now... stay where you are...see you soon...
ME: ok thanks jac, see you soon...

i love my sister. shes the best. so anyway mum and Jacquie came and picked me up (i couldnt walk so Christian and lannas wickedly awesome brother Daine lifted me into the car) and took me to the emergency ward. i had to wait like 5 hours...fuckers... and just so you know i have a fear of needles. made worse by the fact that i had to get tetnis injection AND like 7 needles in and around the wound to numb it. and the frigging nurse didnt even put enough flamin stiche in it!

anyway so my lovely scar has been named Franki, short for Frankeinstine, cause you can see the stiches dots. Thus ends my story.

uhh i THINK the point of this post was to show you guys how unco i am. i think i proved my point....

so signing off now on...





Monday, January 12, 2009


i just wanted to make a post saying how you guys will never NEVER know my real name. we all know that Jinx's is GIlly but you will never know my real name. cause im too good. u wanna know who i am? i amd Madame S. Helsinki Black. and i dont exist except in your computer and head. trippy huh? and maybe in years to come you might see it on my tattoo parlours door. Jinx however, your secret is out! i know where you live...cause ive stayed there!!! da da dannaaaaa. ive decided to post a pic of good ol' Gilly. i dont think she knows i have this pic as well... dont hurt me gilly. i loooooove you.


P.S gilly if you post anything repeat ANYTHING bout my real name i will shoot you. i like not existing please. its fun :P


the title of this blog goes out to torii. i wuffles you girl.

anyway the boarders of my school came back today and everyhting got more lively. i really do like this place. its so homely.

anyway i am in the middle of a video war with christian at the moment. he wont friigin film my HIM songs...evil man. i will hunt you down and MAKE you record those videos. I WILL. JUST WATCH ME!

...hey christian...would you mind paying for my airfares? im kinda broke....



oh and by the way the image i put up is of the guy im gunna kill if he doesnt make my songs. if u see him around, threaten him for me. this goes out to u gilly- ur probably gunna see him next...

Sunday, January 11, 2009



i now have wireless on Tony the Laptop! im actually using him RIGHT NOW! oh woooow! its soooo cool. the IT guy came in randomly and set me alllll up. now im a happy kitten. fun much? and suprisingly they havent blocked youtube. but i reakon that will change when school starts. anyway so in my complete happiness that is right now im watching HIM clips and introducing Hugo to the wonders of Ville Valo and the 69 Eyes. and on the topic of music my awesome mate Christian is recording covers of my favourite songs (cause hes so awesome) which i cant wait to see!!!

anyway ive just convinced Hugo to make a blog as well. so anyone that wants to stalk him feel free to go ahead. i link you to him in my next entry cause hes making it litrally this second...

love for now,


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Abs and withdrawal

this is completely random i know, but hey, dont the 69 Eyes just rock? i mean they are so friggin awesome. Seriously if i could ever meet Jussi i would just ask him to take his top off so i could see his unreal abs. drumming has seriously made him awesome. beyond awesome. just...insanely the best!

that is all i have to say...

oh and how annoying is it that Kill Hannahs website is STILL being altered? bloody hell its been like that for MONTHS. its frustrating me so much that i cant look at Mat's pretty striped face. im having withdrawal symptoms here. like when i have to go a day without coca cola. it makes me all....jittery. weirdly enough only caffiene calms me down....


Tony the Laptop

so yesterday i traveled into the nearby city, Lincoln, and got myself a cheap phone (for like £20 or something) to which i've already screwed up and this uber cute little laptop that fits in my handbag. its so adorable. i named it Tony. All my things have names. My handbag is Maxxie, my wallet Sid, my laptop Tony and my phone Chris. Can anyone see the pattern there? I love my Skins boys. Except Anwar. Cause he shits me massively.Hes too selfish and a homophobe. Both annoy me. Die Anwar die. Anway the city is massive compared to Woodhall Spa where i am. I mean Woodhall Spa doesnt even have round-a-abouts. It has circles painted on the road with arrows around it. Thats how small this village is. But despite that i love it. Its so friendly and quaint. I wanna marry it. Ok thats a lie. Techically i wanna marry David Boreanaz cause one day he'll wake up and relise he made a mistake marrying his porn star wife and that he's actually in love with me and always has been. Then we have sex. Losta sex.

ok so i went off on a tangent. sorry. anway cause i was forced to read catcher in the rye i believe its my duty to say how much it sucked. completly. all Holden is is a phoney. shits me up the wall he does. how that book got famous is beyond me. please dont kill me Mesa...

anyway enough for now!

ta ta


Friday, January 9, 2009

Blah blah

hi im helsinki blah blah blah. im the worst at introductions. i never know what to say. when to smile. how to laugh. and unfortunatly thats all i seem to be doing at the moment. its quite tiresome. over all the entire thing makes me hungry. on the topic of food thats another they do alot here, other than introductions, is eat. i have like 4 awesomly large meals per day. i swear the cook here is fattening me up to cook me. but the foods so good i couldnt care less! hey're big on breakfast whcih is weird for me. i never used to eat breakfast cause i would either be running late or it would be classified as 'lunch'. but here im eating it everyday. i think im in love actually. i love breakfast. there i said it! now you can all point and laugh....hell i would. god i sound like such a frickin dweeb. he he dweeb. best word ever.

anyway im halfway thru catcher in the rye. its nothing special thus far. the character is midly intresting but nothing captervating. truth be told im struggling to finish it. its too annoyingly dull. maybe it gets better later on or something. well it better get good or im wasting Eldest reading time....

anyway im off to eat, suprise suprise, and possibly gain more weight, much to my mothers horror. but her diet issues ill save for another entry.



Thursday, January 8, 2009


so england. is so frickin sweet. i am in LOVE with this place. though maybe gimme another couple weeks and i will probably hate it but until then! its getting colder...suprisingly. it was freezing today n one of the ladys was like 'oh its a MILD day' i was like 'uhhhh are u not as cold as me?!'

ANYWAY im mainly enjoying this cause back home all my mates are bitching bout me (kinda harsh since ive been gone less then a week) but some of my good mates have been emailing daily. thats love for you. and my mothers been sending them like twice a day. thats TOO much love for you. anyway my GAP partner Hugo's bout to make me read Catcher in the Rye so i'll give you a review for that soon. my mate Mesa completely LOVES the book so i'm going on both her and Hugos recommendation. Go them.

Anyway im off cause i wanna visit 'town' ('town' being a little village with more pubs and suprisingly hairdressers then melbourne)

loooooooove for now!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hey Hey guys!

Looks like the blogs all mine now!!! time to run freeeeeee!

anyone i figured i would have a ramble about the Twilight film. ANYWAY i reakoned it was pretty good for a book adaption. Kristen Stewart has the acting range of a rock however. Thank god Robert was there to divert my attention...

and despite my LOVE for the director Catherine Hardwicke i HATE repeat HATE how she always puts Nikki Reed in her films. Reed was in NO WAY suited to the role of Rolsalie. And whats worse is that her character coud have gone to some awesome NEW actress. Damn Reed....

Anyway im sposed to be writing up timetables for my sports coach so id better get to that!



Sunday, January 4, 2009

give me attention!!!

hey hey guys,

jinx has started up a new blog focusing only on books and is under this blog:

now i, Helsinki have full reins on this blog and will be using for everything like book or film reviews, random rambles or debates and pretty much everything!

now that im chilling, litrally, in england be prepared to endure all my thoughts on the world, or if you just want to read book reviews log on to jinx's page.

if not hang with me and party...just not litrally cause i dont know you...and you oculd be a stalker or psycho...