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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Arse cuts and Franki

ok so yesterday i tried to 'get involved with the kids' so i decided hey lets play basketball with the lonely little boy, now any person that knows me knows how incredably unco i am. see franki my leg. ill explain that in a min. anyway since ive been playing bball for bout 10 years now a nice easy lay up seemed like a good way to get involved. except when u lay up in heeled boots. on a wet, icy surface. and if ur me. soooo i slipped and fell down hard and of course it gets
worse cause i had my keys in my back pocket which cut through my pants and left all these lovely cuts on my friggin arse as well as lotsa bruising. fun stuff eh.

and for anyone who doesnt know the story of franki, hes the massive scar i have on the front of my left leg. the story behind that is that i was hanging at a mates with a couple of us on the bed (good ol' lanna, amy, baxter and christian- some of my old work crew) and i go to get up out of the bed, after a couple of drinks, ovewrbalance on one leg and go down onto my other knee...onto a glass. the glass broke, cut hrough my favourite pair of cargos and sliced me open to the bone. now the wound was actually really cool looking caue u could see the bone and the layers of fat and tissue. ok so only a freak like me could find slicing my leg open intresting... anyway lovely first aid trained Christian grabs my leg, elevates it and puts compression on it. him n lanna look at my leg and are like 'uhhh hospital much? maybe you should call ur rents...' so i asked to see my leg to determine if i HAD to go to the hospital *insert awesome wound here* so upon deciding i DO infact need to get stiches as its not quite normal for me to be able to see my bone i relise that if i call my mother she will completelty freak out. so i call my awesome sister/nurse/midwife 9see the pic at the top of the post- jacquie is on the left and im on the right. shes used to be in my dp cause i love her that much but ive changed the photo over to a pic of me and a mate Felix). she did not answer her home phone. so i attempted her mobile. she answered that.

the convesation went like this:

ME: hey jacquie, uhhh just wondering where you were...
JAC: umm at ur place...why?
ME: mum near you?
JAC: yep
ME: can she hear you?
JAC: yep
ME: does she know your talking to me?
JAC: yep
ME: ....
JAC: ...
ME: uhhhh
JAC: ...what have you done?
ME: i kinda need to go to the hospital..please...
JAC: what have you done to yourself?
ME: i kinda fell on a glass....its a pretty bad cut.
JAC: *going into nurse mode* is it compressed?
ME: yep
JAC:is it elevated?
ME: yep
JAC: ok mum and i are coming to get you now... stay where you are...see you soon...
ME: ok thanks jac, see you soon...

i love my sister. shes the best. so anyway mum and Jacquie came and picked me up (i couldnt walk so Christian and lannas wickedly awesome brother Daine lifted me into the car) and took me to the emergency ward. i had to wait like 5 hours...fuckers... and just so you know i have a fear of needles. made worse by the fact that i had to get tetnis injection AND like 7 needles in and around the wound to numb it. and the frigging nurse didnt even put enough flamin stiche in it!

anyway so my lovely scar has been named Franki, short for Frankeinstine, cause you can see the stiches dots. Thus ends my story.

uhh i THINK the point of this post was to show you guys how unco i am. i think i proved my point....

so signing off now on...





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