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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Australian of the Year

Recently i was reading up on the new Australian of the Year, Mick Dobson. Now everyone who knows me is aware of how pro-multicultralism i am and how much i loath racism. there is no place for it in australian culture which is why i was so pissed off when Mick Dobson, an aboriginal, won this award. too start- out of the 8 candidates for this award, 3 were aboriginal. THREE. just so people know- the population of aboriginals currently in australia compared to other nationalities is 1 in 40. FORTY. to justify having 3 aboriginies in the running the ratio would have to be FIFTEEN in 40. now tell me how this is fair. i can tell you.


Mick Dobson rants about an 'us' and them 'whites' yet his Irish ancestory makes him one of those 'whites'. is this REALLY the type of person we want winning our australian of the year? by speaking about aborigines as seperate to other australians they are not helping their people.

why is it every other race can generally get along well in this land (with some exceptions re: christians latest blog entry but aboriginal leaders like Mick Dobson see the need to seperate their race from the rest of us.

the black americans fought for their rights, and granted they shouldnt have had too, but having EXTRA rights handed to the aboriginals because someones dead relatives took away their land under the orders of a COMPLETELY different country IS NOT RIGHT.

how can we expect aboriginals to truely become accepted if we segregate them by giving them extra rights and, like the case of Mick Dobson, acknologing them above other hard working australians because of their nationality. it is not right that the previous generation and this generation are paying for sins they didnt commit!

GAH i could go on for HOURS with this rant cause im that annoyed. dammit whreres torii to debate this issue with me?!

grrrrrrrrrr from a very frustrated



The Enigma said...

I'm here Kat!!!! I'm here!!!!
And i am amused that you found out the australian of the year whilst in England whereas myself, still living in australia, failed to even take notice!!!

Helsinki said...

ha ha

youll be suprised bout the things i know...