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Friday, January 9, 2009

Blah blah

hi im helsinki blah blah blah. im the worst at introductions. i never know what to say. when to smile. how to laugh. and unfortunatly thats all i seem to be doing at the moment. its quite tiresome. over all the entire thing makes me hungry. on the topic of food thats another they do alot here, other than introductions, is eat. i have like 4 awesomly large meals per day. i swear the cook here is fattening me up to cook me. but the foods so good i couldnt care less! hey're big on breakfast whcih is weird for me. i never used to eat breakfast cause i would either be running late or it would be classified as 'lunch'. but here im eating it everyday. i think im in love actually. i love breakfast. there i said it! now you can all point and laugh....hell i would. god i sound like such a frickin dweeb. he he dweeb. best word ever.

anyway im halfway thru catcher in the rye. its nothing special thus far. the character is midly intresting but nothing captervating. truth be told im struggling to finish it. its too annoyingly dull. maybe it gets better later on or something. well it better get good or im wasting Eldest reading time....

anyway im off to eat, suprise suprise, and possibly gain more weight, much to my mothers horror. but her diet issues ill save for another entry.



1 comment:

A Book Unfinished said...

it has taken me years to get you into breakfast and NOW you say you love it.

you just dont like my cooking. its that isnt it!

who are you and what have you done with helsinki!? she never eats breakfast!

i'm so confuzled. the cook is drugging you. i am convinced he is going to eat you. *sigh* those englishmen!