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Thursday, January 8, 2009


so england. is so frickin sweet. i am in LOVE with this place. though maybe gimme another couple weeks and i will probably hate it but until then! its getting colder...suprisingly. it was freezing today n one of the ladys was like 'oh its a MILD day' i was like 'uhhhh are u not as cold as me?!'

ANYWAY im mainly enjoying this cause back home all my mates are bitching bout me (kinda harsh since ive been gone less then a week) but some of my good mates have been emailing daily. thats love for you. and my mothers been sending them like twice a day. thats TOO much love for you. anyway my GAP partner Hugo's bout to make me read Catcher in the Rye so i'll give you a review for that soon. my mate Mesa completely LOVES the book so i'm going on both her and Hugos recommendation. Go them.

Anyway im off cause i wanna visit 'town' ('town' being a little village with more pubs and suprisingly hairdressers then melbourne)

loooooooove for now!



torye said...

Is Hugo's dad's name Ron?
If so, I'm afraid YOUR AT HOGWORTS!! theres too many hogworts-inspired names where you're living!!
Hi Hugo if your reading this - your name is quite awesome :)
*rolls away*

Helsinki said...

ahhhh torii how i love thee. no his dads name ISNT Ron. i dont know what it is. but its not ron. so nyaaaaa!