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Friday, January 16, 2009

the difference between marriage and commitment

ets talk about marriage. i would love to talk about sex but lets save that for another blog eh?

so marriage. i dont like it. i think its a stupid ritual. i hate how people assume that signing a document means that your 'committed'. signing a marriage certificate doesnt make you committed- if your in a good enough relationship you dont NEED marriage to show commitment. the commitment should already be there.

now as many of my mates know that im not the poster child for commitment as i generally loath being tied down and have only ever been with 2 people for more then a month: a kid called michael in primary school so it barely counts and good ol' christian. we just made it over the month mark. but that doesnt change my views. as far as im concerned gettting married is seperate to being committed. one is writing your name on a piece of paper and the other is shown thru actions. now tell me which makes the healthier relationship?

screw getting married and having kids and all that hoo ha.

gimme my tattoo parlour, some HIM cd's, a couple of cats and ill show you the good life...


p.s torii and gilly i am fully expecting you to comment your disaproval at this post. beware cause i am prepared with rebutts....


A Book Unfinished said...

*shakes head in disaproval* i'm making you wear the ugliest brides maid outfit EVER. just so you'll hate marriage more...and maybe me a little...but not much. cause thats impossible ^^

mmm what colour can it be....starts with O....ends in range :D


Helsinki said...

u make me wear orange and i swear i will kill ur fiance. and that is a real threat. dont cross me....


make the dresses black!

A Book Unfinished said...

hell no red red red red red red

or green :D


Helsinki said...

yesssss red. would u wear white or cream or go for an actual colour? its a tough call... and what would the dresses look like? c'mon u gotta start thinking bout these things noooow!

torye said...

Woah - you don't like marriage? Wha-- but, where did this come from?? Wow... Helsinki doesn't like commitment??? That-- why i never knew that before!! *insert sarcasm here*
I do have one thing to say though... (you know how much i love to debate) You stated that you don't need to sign a document to prove that you are committed, then, in your words, marriage is of little importance.
Therefore i pose the question - if you were with a guy who really and truly wanted to get married, would you? Because if you say no, isn't that contradictory? Because you don't believe it to have any importance and you don't believe marriage has any particular value. It's meaningless so it wouldn't really mean anything to you. It wouldn't matter if you got married or if you didn't. As long as you showed that you were committed to each other beforehand - thats what counts. So, if you had proven to each other that you were committed beforehand, would you marry? Considering that the ceremony would probably be neutral to you because you were already committed beforehand but it would mean the world to your partner. just curious... I'm planning to propose to you and i really would like you to say 'yes'... i mean, i brought the ring and everything... It has a heartigram on it and a diamond in zee middle and dammit, the place i got it doesn't allow discounts!!!