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Sunday, January 25, 2009


So for all those who care i was recently sick. NOT FUN. Cause i SO wanna spend my exeat (when the kids have to go home at 3.30 friday afternoon instead of staying until their usual 5-ish saturday afternoon- they go to school 6 days a week) vomiting. JOy oh joy. i was sick all thursday night then had to spend all friday hiding in be so i wouldnt infect any of the kids then one of the TA's, this wicked chick called Katie, took me to her place for the weekend so i spent it lying on her couch watching the first few eps of Dark Angel and Roswell cause they were randomly on E4. But my main point in this is to say just how much i hate vomiting. its so annoying. and icky and all round EW. and the hard thing was when i first started vomiting i had to do it QUIETLY so i wouldnt wake my boarders up. do you know how hard it is to VOMIT QUIETLY?! thats the type of sacrafices i make for my boarders. so i spent all thursday night/morning alternating between vomiting in my toilet (which, i forgot to mention, is painted PINK) and trying sleep on the bathroom floor so if i couldnt make it to the toilet i would get tiles instead. AND cause im so awesome i managed to still get my girls up at 7 in the morning and get them ready for breakfast WITHOUT letting them catch on to the fact that i had been vomiting my INTESTINES out. and dont you hate it when you've been vomiting so hard that by the end your only vomiting BILE?!

yeah thats right. i made a blog entry about me vomiting. praise me.

peace out


p.s. ive stopped vomiting now.


A Book Unfinished said...

*pets* why didnt you ask me for a sicky hug eh!? eh!! EH!?!

i totally do the bestest ones ever!!
like ever!

believe me. i do them good. i know you've stopped vomiting your brains out but...*sicky hug* now you shall never be sick again...well ok i cant promise that.

back to writin your email

The Enigma said...

I hope you feel better and everything, believe me...
....i just can't get my head around the fact that you made a blog about vomiting...

Helsinki said...

like i said:

praise me


Passion's Killing Floor said...

I'm glad you're no longer sick! That sounds absoloutely horrible >.<. Last time I vomitted was at Schoolies, and before then was in primary school... Hopefully you don't come across any more illness in your time of travel =].


Helsinki said...

i better not come across anymore flamin illness! as far as im concerned ive had my sickness for the YEAR.