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Thursday, January 22, 2009

the 'FAMILY'

ok so ive always been uber weird when it comes to family cause i believe that just cause a person shares the same blood as you doesnt make them more important- i rather believe that a person has to earn the right to be called family. now this came into debate in my family recently cause they pretty much all are like 'bloods thicker then water' but since im the one that always seemed to get their crap i was always like 'blood may be thicker then water but actions are a hell of a lot more useful then blood links' which, needless to say, upsets them, my brother in particular cause he generally thinks he can continually fuck up and cause hes my brother ill naturally forgive him. NOTE: i am not saying that i dont like my family- i do, i love them muchness but they drive me completely insane sometimes, like all families do.

which is where i come to my other families. but ill only speak about one for now-

this family began in a lit lesson between Gilly and Tash. anyway they were studying something to do with a couple (for some reason the guy used to wear a tea cosy hat) and they decided that Gilly would be the husband (my guess is because she loves tea) and Tash wold be the wife. Somehow i got put into it originally as the daughter.... but then cause i happen to have kissed both gilly AND tash i became the mistress... which actually suits me. then Christian became the bunny who likes cake and pat became the kitten. i just love how the females are human and the males are animals.. he he

anyway we had this family gathering and we were playing truth or dare... and i decided i wanted Pat to eat and onion...they ALWAYS make ME think of the dares... so i was grazing through my photoss and found the video i made of Pat taking a bite of the onion...


Pat- the man eating the onion
Christian- the constant laughing in the background
Gilly- the giggler
Tash- 'the quicker you do it the quicker it will be done'
Helsinki- the narrator/camera chick

yeh so this is what our family does when we wanna spend 'quality time' with each other. well its either that or getting pissed on a tennis court.... but thats another story...



p.s: sorry the clips sideways...


A Book Unfinished said...

oh my fricken god i was pissing myself at that. so funny.

i never thought of the family that way. with the boys being aimals...thats kind of funny because i was just saying to tim the other day that if he was going to be in the family he would be the pet puppy...thats another story of why that came about but...yet again another pet...we'll soon be a farm family!!

god i love our family

love love

Passion's Killing Floor said...

Bahahaha the video, so glad to finally see it. I hate how I sound in it, though!! The smell really was quite pungent, wasn't it?

Interesting point you made about the males being animals, though =P... quite true indeed!

Awesome post =]. <3.

Much love.

torye said...


Helsinki said...

ahahaha we're the onion eating family! wooo go us!