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Sunday, January 18, 2009

GAP mates

i figured i would do a little tribute to my fellow GAP mates who, like me, have abandoned there homes to come to the motherland and help these old fashioned English folk. My dp is of me and Felix, who is awesome cause she likes Howls Moving Castle. The pic in the top right hand cornor is of (mving left to right) Brit whos placement is closest to mine, Mitch who gives AWESOME massages and Felix again. The pic in the right hand cornor is of Maddy, the colourful girl, Brit again and Ash whos room in reading was next to mine.

Anyway this is my salute to all you gappers. hope to see you again soon and we can have a repeat of our induction. Room, vodka and i-never. just hopefully we'll have mroe energy this time.


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