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Monday, January 12, 2009


i just wanted to make a post saying how you guys will never NEVER know my real name. we all know that Jinx's is GIlly but you will never know my real name. cause im too good. u wanna know who i am? i amd Madame S. Helsinki Black. and i dont exist except in your computer and head. trippy huh? and maybe in years to come you might see it on my tattoo parlours door. Jinx however, your secret is out! i know where you live...cause ive stayed there!!! da da dannaaaaa. ive decided to post a pic of good ol' Gilly. i dont think she knows i have this pic as well... dont hurt me gilly. i loooooove you.


P.S gilly if you post anything repeat ANYTHING bout my real name i will shoot you. i like not existing please. its fun :P


A Book Unfinished said...

you're right i didnt know about this picture. damn you! i hate it. you could have put one up of me looking a little less crazy then what i actually am so people will be even more surprised when they meet me in real life

ash is planning to buy a leash so she can take me out places ^^

and christian...i will hunt you down! mwahahahahahahahahahahhaa

*places cake on plate* chriiiiiistian!! DIN DINS!...and we wait :D

i wouldnt tell everyone your identity helsinki! although...your blog kind of has your face printed all over it!!
nice work.

torye said...

Well you see i intend to disagree
Do you ONLY exist in this computer and in our heads or are you a physical presence that cannot be seen but in the letters that you type and of cause, your photos posted around your site?
Am i existing as i type this or am i too, just an image of a memory - something that is existent on this page, but no where else?
AM i really Tory or am i a figment of your imagination? Or are you just imagining these circumstances - a hallucination if you will? No one is aware of it when they experience a mirage in a scolding hot desert, so how shall we know that anything around us exists if we are unaware of the validity of it's presence?
I know how.
I have met you
I know your real name
And by the number of times you have given me a 'denozo slap' - i am aware that your existence isn't imaginary but real - the bruises are proof.
I feel oddly empowered that i know your name now - and i have the means of writing it right here for the world to see...
...but i won't...

yet. *giggles*

Helsinki said...

you see that while pics of me are posted on the site they are of Helsinki, a person who exists only in the computer.

and torii- remember that i know where u live as play nice

Helsinki said...

gilly u suck! i had to remove your last entry cause u said my flamin name! grrrrrrr u are the worst i swear! remember not to pout it anyway or i you adress over the net so nyaaaaaaa

i love you...


Christian said...

I totally know your name... but will respect your wishes and refrain from saying it.

What's this I heard about cake?!

A Book Unfinished said...

did i! when did i do this!! i dont remember *face-palm* oopys!

looove you dont kill me!

Helsinki said...

grrrr i wont kill you YET.... it depends if u stuff up again...then i may have to consider it. but dont worry i wont make it painful or anything....

bwhahahahahahahah helsinki?