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Thursday, January 29, 2009

jaffa cakes

ok so u wanna know whats awesome? JAFFA CAKES.

yeah thsts right. JAFFA CAKES. they are he best.
we dont have them in australia so i will describe them for all those who have never experienced the awesomness of jaffa cakes.

they have a soft cakey base... with a chunk of orange jelly in the middle...covered with chocolate.

i am in love. well i am in love with a person as well but jaffa cakes come a close second. no wait... HIM comes second...then meeko...ok i cant work out the order so i'll just say i love them. and australians- speak up and GET JAFFA CAKES!!!!!!!!

ive already eaten like 4 packets. not good. no-body tell my mother... she might try and put me on a diet...


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