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Friday, January 16, 2009

the magic of Ville Valo

ok i want anyone who considers themselves awesome- or even half wicked to watch this clip. it is by the best band you will ever hear- H.I.M

watch and learn the magic arts of Ville Valo... who is the most incrediable singer you will ever hear...seriously. like if jesus could sing ville valo would be the one person who could sing better. thats how good he is.


A Book Unfinished said...

of course jesus can sing helsinki* :P and since when do you compare ville to a higher being such as jesus when you dont even believe in him :P

nice try. guess your comparing him to a being that in your eyes does not exist which makes ville the greatest anyway and oh...that was your point. gotcha!

hahaha i did that on purpose. just to give you the shits. dont hurt meeeee


*btw i almost gave away your name again but i actually proof-read my own comments now just to make sure!

Helsinki said...

well its nice to know your taking care of me and not revealing my name....a thank you. and ville is legendary for me. cause hes so bloody wicked.