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Monday, January 26, 2009

my. new. phone.

so everyone who knows me is aware of how i like to throw my phones around. because technology shits me. i will swear, hit, bash, kick and insult any technology that decides to be a bitch to me. i loved this phone i had in australia cause i lost the back so the battery would fall outwhenevr i threw the phone around and then just put back together perfectly. but then i had to go drop that in a sink. then i got given this shitty old red one (which did NOT go faster) but was awesomely unbreakable. i still have it. and when i first arrived in the motherland i bought a brand spanking new phone. which i somehow fucked up so that it wouldnt allow me to use it. then cause it was kicking aorund uselessly in my handbag i broke it when i threw my bag down. SO i went out and bought ANOTHER phone. one i intend on keeping in tact. people be proud- ive only thrown it down 3 times in the past day. ive already lost count of how often ive sworn at it though.... but still im slooooowely making an improvement. be proud :D

and also be proud that i didnnt mention the word vomit.

well at least up until that sentance.

nom nom nom


1 comment:

Passion's Killing Floor said...

You must take care of technology! Otherwise it will show no love.

Wait... it's emotionless. Screw it, throw it around all you like!

As long as you're improving, the money isn't going down the drain, eh?