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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

new addiction

uh oh Helsinki has a new addiction. this is not good.

things i am currently addicted to:
The 69 Eyes
Checking my email
Checking my phone (despite the fact that no-one from home every messages my australian phone and i only have 2 contacts on my english phone and my mate john is the only one who ever messages it)
Dropkick Murphys
Cadbury creme eggs (THANK YOU micky for making me want these everytime i go out bloody old bastard)
Salt and vinegar chips

AND my new addiction


yeah thats right. out of ALL the things to get addicted to it HAD to be one that costs me LOTSA money. seriously ive been a member for 2 hours. ive already bought a new pair oof custom heartagram gloves, a new heartagram belt and

get this

HIM guitar pick earrings. seriously. they are picks with a venus doom promotional picture of the band on them. fucking. awesome.

but the bad part is usually theres people to stop me from my addiction (or in the case of the coke encourage it....good ol christian bought me losta bottles!)

anyway i am stuck using my credit card for now which means that my parentals will know if i buy anything (mother wasnt happy when the bill for Tony arrived). hopefully my first pay will go into my bank account here soon and i can start using that card instead. then i can buy WHATEVER i want....


that is all



Passion's Killing Floor said...

I couldn't ever stop you from drinking the beloved Coca Cola. It's too good. Although I do encourage limiting drinking it, at least for me... otherwise I will soon not have any teeth left =].

And eBay is NOT GOOD for addictions LOL. I remember seeing all those HIM pick earrings the other week when looking for stuff for your birthday, they did look rather cool.

Don't get too addicted, especially 'cause of the whole money thing =P.


Helsinki said...

gah but everythings so preeeeeeeeeetty!

Passion's Killing Floor said...

I knooooow it's all incredibly pretty, but you gotta maintain an even balance of cash flow and purchasing =P otherwise you encounter what most people would call being broke =O.

A Book Unfinished said...

everyone is always broke at least...most times in their life!

why, i'm broke right now! but its not an addiction to ebay. which is bad bad bad

naughty kat!