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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the ever awesome jensen/dean

ok since i used to have dial up i could never go onto youtube cause it would take too long to load soooo now i have have discovered how awesome it is (i found a way to get around the firewall- go me) and have been looking up Supernatural stuff cause- wait for it- THEY DONT HAVE IT HERE!!! *shock face* its horrid i know. so i have been youtubing all my jensen ackles needs. i found 2 awesome clips which i have posted for your amusement. Gilly i sent one to you as well. The first one is a compilation of the many idiotic faces of Dean. plus just to make it even more awesome it has the Star Wars cantina music in the background. The second is of Jensen singing the 'eye of the tiger' once again is truely GOLDEN. unfortunalty it wont let me embed this one so heres the link for it

waaaaatch them.

anyway i will leave you to your dean/jensen viewing pleasure...


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A Book Unfinished said...

SCORE! i got another mention! woooo

love thee