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Monday, January 26, 2009

random poem

ok so i was randomly surfing le web and came across this poem. i dont even know why im posting it. its a completely un-Helsinki peom. i mean, no-one dies and theres no awesome blood but i felt the urge to put it up anyway. so reek the beniefiets of my random surfing. you'll probably hate it. i dont know if i like it or not. actually thats why i probably wanted to post it...cause im unsure.

NOTE: the pic is completely random. i was googling stars and it came up. i though it was a well painted pic.

My Star

By anon

Twinkle twinkle little,
How you mock me from afar,
You shine so brightly, so pure, such light,
Laughing at my pointless plight,
My existence, so meaningless, so cruel,
How could u challange me to such a duel?
To be compared to such hope, such significance,
I dont understand, it makes no sense,
Whar can be shared between the star and me?
But i suppose all that matters is the love that shines in the mind of he.

Gilly, Torii- ready to comment on it english freaks?

annnnnd GO!



A Book Unfinished said...


i dont like it. its not depressing enough. and your right noone dies and theres no blood

its pretty enough but yeah...i dont like it...


Helsinki said...

yeah i agree. i think the reason it opped out to me was cause i was against all this moaning true love yada yada. but yer- someone needs to die.