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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Robin Hood and Jonas Armstrong

Robin Hood is the coolest. i swear i love that tv show. plus Jonas Armstrong is one of the best english actors there is. plus hes part of the small group of guys that look good with stubble. hes up there with ryan reynolds, bam margera and ewan mcgregor to name a few.

anyway i figured i would make a post in honour of Jonas Armstrong and Robin Hood considering i am in the mother coutnry and not too far away from the area he supposedly lived. So heres me saluting you Robin *salutes the computer screen*

Yeah there was no other reason to this entry. i just wanted to say how wicked Robin is.

So im done here.


1 comment:

torye said...

note: the *****'s in the below comment are representative of your name. i may have added or taken away the number of letters in your actual name just to throw people off

You know, when i first met you, i kept referring you to my mum as 'robin-hood *****' because i already knew a **** and she kept on getting confused when i mentioned two people by the same name. So to differentiate the two of you, i added 'robbin hood' to the beginning of your name... And now, my mum knows exactly who you are because Robin Hood is one of her favrouite TV shows

To this very day, i STILL persist to refer to you as 'Robin Hood ****' and always shall!!!