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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

dead puppy LOVE

so i got bored and was cleaning out my inbox (i have like 541 emails in there) and came across one that had one of my favourite pics in it. so randomly one of my mates Jam (aka james eynaud) drew this awesome pic of a puppy. i dont know y but its one of my favourite pics ever. its so simple yet...AWESOME. oh by the way- jams a bit morbid like me. hence the blood. so i decided to put this up as a tribute to james and the dead puppy. anyway i hope u like this pic as much as me.

love Helsinki

p.s- torii i know that when u see the pic you'll do your '*insert Helsinki's real name here*' noise you reserve JUST for me when i do/say morbid or crude things. i love you girl.


torye said...

*insert your name here and elongate the vowel*
POOR PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!
You're right. You are morbid. The next thing you'll be posting up is dead kittens and unicorns with blood pouring out their horns or something... MORBID MORBID GIRL!!!!

torye said...

Ps. i love you too :-)

Helsinki said...

*gasp* i would NEVER post dead kittens! how could u say something so HORRID! you crazed person!!

p.s. im normal...i swears it...