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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tony the Laptop

so yesterday i traveled into the nearby city, Lincoln, and got myself a cheap phone (for like £20 or something) to which i've already screwed up and this uber cute little laptop that fits in my handbag. its so adorable. i named it Tony. All my things have names. My handbag is Maxxie, my wallet Sid, my laptop Tony and my phone Chris. Can anyone see the pattern there? I love my Skins boys. Except Anwar. Cause he shits me massively.Hes too selfish and a homophobe. Both annoy me. Die Anwar die. Anway the city is massive compared to Woodhall Spa where i am. I mean Woodhall Spa doesnt even have round-a-abouts. It has circles painted on the road with arrows around it. Thats how small this village is. But despite that i love it. Its so friendly and quaint. I wanna marry it. Ok thats a lie. Techically i wanna marry David Boreanaz cause one day he'll wake up and relise he made a mistake marrying his porn star wife and that he's actually in love with me and always has been. Then we have sex. Losta sex.

ok so i went off on a tangent. sorry. anway cause i was forced to read catcher in the rye i believe its my duty to say how much it sucked. completly. all Holden is is a phoney. shits me up the wall he does. how that book got famous is beyond me. please dont kill me Mesa...

anyway enough for now!

ta ta



A Book Unfinished said...

interesting you say that helsinki michael and i were talking about that book when we went out to dinner. he hated it too but for one specific reason. the character reminded him so much of emma he actually wanted to go around to every bookshop and rip out all the pages. i said i'd join him on the rampage as i hated it too. but i hated it because "nirvanas children" is so much better.

face it mel. you're the only one whos obsessed. i will personally buy you another book to carry around in your handbag so you let go on the horrble Holden/Emma

loveth thee

torye said...

if ONLY you told me about this website earlier, i could have stopped you from reading that horrid book! MY dad passed it onto me claiming it to be 'fantastic literature' - if by 'fantastic' he meant 'craptastic' he was completely and utterly right. Holden is a pansy. THe plotline is like napoleon dinomite with NO STRUCTURE and mel is going to SLAUGHTER me if she reads this!!!!!
i rate it .5 star out of 10. and the only reason to why that is is because i love mel.
And i love you :)
love tory