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Sunday, January 11, 2009



i now have wireless on Tony the Laptop! im actually using him RIGHT NOW! oh woooow! its soooo cool. the IT guy came in randomly and set me alllll up. now im a happy kitten. fun much? and suprisingly they havent blocked youtube. but i reakon that will change when school starts. anyway so in my complete happiness that is right now im watching HIM clips and introducing Hugo to the wonders of Ville Valo and the 69 Eyes. and on the topic of music my awesome mate Christian is recording covers of my favourite songs (cause hes so awesome) which i cant wait to see!!!

anyway ive just convinced Hugo to make a blog as well. so anyone that wants to stalk him feel free to go ahead. i link you to him in my next entry cause hes making it litrally this second...

love for now,


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