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Saturday, February 28, 2009


so uni has started back home in Aussi land.

Ah Uni. someone kill me. for those who DONT know- i got accepted into Arts at Latrobe. but i really DO NOT wanna go. but apparently its a waste for me to NOT go. annoying much. sure, i mean i COULD go ant study art and it would help me become a tattoo artist but i would much rather skip the degree part n go straight into the tattooing part. but at least getting accepted keeps my mother happy. she was so proud when she found out. she was hyped when she wrote my letter of deferral, which legally she can, being my power of attorney n all. oh such fun.

but for all those enjoying uni, good on ya. studying must be for you then. but im more of a worker. i worked all though my exams, including the nights before most. because i like work. it keeps me entertained more then studying does. go work.

there was no real point to this other then me wanting to whine a bit. so that was my whine.whine whine whine.



Wednesday, February 25, 2009


i love lord of the rings. heaps. its quite unhealthy actually. litrally. i used to watch all the extended versions in a weekend. thats like 12 hours of lotr in one hit.

so heres me justifying my love of lotr:

1. the story proves that even the smallest person can have the biggest affect
2. that anyone can fight, as long as they believe in what their fighting for
3. that women are just as capable on a battle field as men
4. that even in the darkest of hours, there IS still hope
5. that death is not the end, but merely the start of a new adventure
6. that u cannot fight who u were meant to be
7. tha courage lies within every being, it just needs to be found
8. that greed will be the end of you
9. that loyalty can be stronger then self preservation
10.that you dont appreciate what you have until you lose it

all in all the lessons learned by watching lotr are well worth the 12 hours of footage. if ur a mad fan like me you will be able to indentify how each point mentioned connects to lotr.

for frodo,


p.s. torii i want you to reply to this with your favourite quotes and we shall start a QUOTE WAR!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ey EDDIE- mark

so the title of this blog wont make any sense to anyone who hasnt seen Empire Records (just one of the MOST FUCKING AWESOME FILMS EVER) and the title in fact has no real connection to this entry other then the name Eddie. But meh, i love any chance to drop and Empire quote.

since im chillin' here in the motherland i have discovered a new comedian. his name is Eddie Izzard.

and he is fucking HIGH-larius. seriously. watch his stand up. you will piss ur pants laughing.

oh and he's a trannie. but according to him hes and 'excutive transvestite'. which he explains in his standup.

Eddie also makes the awesome statement 'women can wear whatever clothes they want, so there are no women tranvestites, so i say theres no men tranvestites.' GO EDDIE.

so heres me spreading the Eddie love- hopefully to australia.

signing off...


Monday, February 23, 2009


thats right. Ville announced in this weeks Kerrang! Mag that HIM have started recording their seventh album.

HOW FUCKING SWEET IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it has made my day. seriously. Ville describes the new album as very 'direct and straight to the point'. i cant bloody wait. my blood is pumping through my veins at 100miles per hour i am that excited. *bounces up and down*

anyway that was the only thing i wanted to share. im just spreading the HIM love isall.



back at work. ew ew ew ew ew. i much prefer my holiday break of sleeping and flying. so much more relaxing then working.

so my awesome cousin emals me yesterday saying how wicked it was that i have my lifeguarding qualfication and that when i get back he'll get me a job that pays $26 per hour. how wicked awesome is that?! screw going back to hoyts. besides since ive left hoyts has gotten bad. i think i got out at the right time. seriously. though there was the whole cool element of that when i left they had to train up 4 people to go into box to replace me. that made me feel UBER special. :D but my dearest scotty j said he was leaving and it aint hoyts without scott. he was too wicked for life. but hes pursueing hs acting career and i commend him for that.

anyway love and sexual assualt,


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

so i was bored the other day and decided 'hey lets google image myself'. so i clicked onto good ol' google an typed my real name into the images search. this was the result.

i swear this picture delt me a blow to my self esteem. not that this chicks like uggly or anything but shes not very... unique...

anyway there was no real point to this entry other then to share this picture.

love love


Sunday, February 8, 2009


so i actually had this sat night off, which is good, and me, katie and john went out to a good ol aussie pub, the Walkabout. cept i was probably the only aussie in there!

anyway cause they dont have jagerbombs in england as apparently theyre an aussie drink i introduced my mates to them and they were a hit. god love them.

though there was this annoying guy that kept slapping katies ass... so i kinda went up to him and told him katie was my girlfriend and to fuck off. he stopped after that so everytime a guy came up to hit on us we told them we were gay with each other. it worked extremely well.

and cause i got brored of my hair the other night and we were bleaching johns hair i decided to change mine a bit as well. i love it!

signing off...


Monday, February 2, 2009

its all about HIM

HIM makes me happy. they are more then just a band to me. they are a way of life.

my 5 top reasons for why i love HIM/Ville Valo

1. because the things that Ville Valo can do with his voice are extrodanary
2. because Ville is openly bi (theres this WICKED clip of him and Jussi 69)
3. because Ville is an awesome canvas of tattoos
4. because the lyrics arnt stupid rubbish but poetry
5. because Ville can sing, write lyrics, play guitar and play piano

and because when i hear his voice singing the rest of the world falls away until the only thing existing is me and the music. the rest of the world cant touch me. which is why i am forever indebted to Ville and HIM for keeping me sane in a world full of confusion.

i owe you so much, and it doesnt bother me that they will probably never know who i am or what they have given me, all that matters is that they continue to give their music to me.

this may sound stupid to some people... and if it does then FUCK YOU...

at least Christian understands what i mean...

love from


Sunday, February 1, 2009

the best songs of all time

i have decided to compile a list of my top favourite songs. a list that you should ALL look at and spend time listening to the songs on it.

1. Killing loneliness- HIM
2. Shipping off to Boston- Dropkick Murphys
3. Lucky Ones- Bif Naked
4. I dont care- Apocalyptica feat. Three Days Grace
5. 96 Bitter Beings- CKY
6. Unwanted- Kill Hannah
7. Never say die- The 69 eyes
8. In the shadows- the Rasmus
9. A Bittersweet Spell- Apocalyptica feat. Ville Valo and Lauri Ylonen
10. Poprocks and coke- Greenday
11. Down- Blink 182
12. Wicked game- HIM
13. Enemy in me- Veins of Jenna
14. Escape from Hellview- CKY
15. The Chair- the 69 Eyes
16. Lips like Morphine- Kill Hannah
17. State of Massachusetts- Dropkick Murphys
18. I love myself- Bif Naked
19. Im alright- Motion City Soundtrack
20. Miss Murder- AFI
21. Bleed well- HIM
22. Pain- Jimmy Eat World
23. Dont fear the Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult
24. Evil Woman- Black Sabbath
25. Your Ghost- Foo Fighters

i have, of course, addded a video of the best band which is on that list. HIM. Enjoy the song and if you know anything about singing you will seriously appreciate what Ville does with his voice towards the end of this song at around the 3 min 15 secs part.


Anyway i hope you all listen to these songs and become enlightened. Their awesome music shall set your SOUL FREE!!!

well not really cause i own your soul. i own everyones soul. you cannot escape me....

much love,




it looks fake... but ever so pretty. all the houses and trees are coated in white. its like a piturebook. i love it.

that was the point of this entry. to rub in the fact that its SNOWING here

and 40 degrees back home in melbourne... mwhahahahahahahah




this is gunnab quite a weird post comng from me cause of my ever so lovely spiteful nature but the other day i was inspired by a kid. yep of of the kids here actuall moved me. amazing eh?

so theres this awesome kid here called Dan who is a yr 8 and one of those kids who u THINK has to be an asshole cause hes just SO INCRDIABLY nice but tuns out hes actully naturally awesome. anyway the other day te kids had to run in a cross country race (complete torture) and one kid was so far behind that when he had to complete the last leg of the race (run around the hocky pitch) by himself cause veryone had finished. now his kid was so embarressed about being so slow that he was crying whilst running. it broke my heart i swear.

so whilst this poor kids running by himself, everyone watching him cry (this kids like 13) good ol' Dan starts running out across the field to him. now everyones like wtf?

Dan reaches him, pats him on the back and starts running next to him so the boy doesnt have to be alone. A mate of Dan realises what hes doing and runs out to join the two runners. Soon the entire class is running to the finish line so that instead of finishing alone the boy finishes with his entire class behind him. it was like something out of movie.

i swear i didnt know children could be so considerate. it was just... amazing to watch. i think you might have had to be there though...

Signing off...