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Sunday, February 1, 2009


this is gunnab quite a weird post comng from me cause of my ever so lovely spiteful nature but the other day i was inspired by a kid. yep of of the kids here actuall moved me. amazing eh?

so theres this awesome kid here called Dan who is a yr 8 and one of those kids who u THINK has to be an asshole cause hes just SO INCRDIABLY nice but tuns out hes actully naturally awesome. anyway the other day te kids had to run in a cross country race (complete torture) and one kid was so far behind that when he had to complete the last leg of the race (run around the hocky pitch) by himself cause veryone had finished. now his kid was so embarressed about being so slow that he was crying whilst running. it broke my heart i swear.

so whilst this poor kids running by himself, everyone watching him cry (this kids like 13) good ol' Dan starts running out across the field to him. now everyones like wtf?

Dan reaches him, pats him on the back and starts running next to him so the boy doesnt have to be alone. A mate of Dan realises what hes doing and runs out to join the two runners. Soon the entire class is running to the finish line so that instead of finishing alone the boy finishes with his entire class behind him. it was like something out of movie.

i swear i didnt know children could be so considerate. it was just... amazing to watch. i think you might have had to be there though...

Signing off...



A Book Unfinished said...

that is the most beautiful thing i've ever heard i really wish i was there just to be as touched as you were.

i hate kids as much as you helsinki from working in retail. but they all just got brownie points. a simple act like that can make all the difference in someones life


The Enigma said...

awwwwwwwwww!!! DUDE!!!
I love this guy!!!
I remember in primary school, I was the kid who had to run by herself because she was so damn slow - damnit i wish i had the whole class running behind me to cheer me on!!!
Its good to know that there are people like that in the world :)

Helsinki said...

it kinda gives you slight hope in the next generation....

only slight...