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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ey EDDIE- mark

so the title of this blog wont make any sense to anyone who hasnt seen Empire Records (just one of the MOST FUCKING AWESOME FILMS EVER) and the title in fact has no real connection to this entry other then the name Eddie. But meh, i love any chance to drop and Empire quote.

since im chillin' here in the motherland i have discovered a new comedian. his name is Eddie Izzard.

and he is fucking HIGH-larius. seriously. watch his stand up. you will piss ur pants laughing.

oh and he's a trannie. but according to him hes and 'excutive transvestite'. which he explains in his standup.

Eddie also makes the awesome statement 'women can wear whatever clothes they want, so there are no women tranvestites, so i say theres no men tranvestites.' GO EDDIE.

so heres me spreading the Eddie love- hopefully to australia.

signing off...


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