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Monday, February 2, 2009

its all about HIM

HIM makes me happy. they are more then just a band to me. they are a way of life.

my 5 top reasons for why i love HIM/Ville Valo

1. because the things that Ville Valo can do with his voice are extrodanary
2. because Ville is openly bi (theres this WICKED clip of him and Jussi 69)
3. because Ville is an awesome canvas of tattoos
4. because the lyrics arnt stupid rubbish but poetry
5. because Ville can sing, write lyrics, play guitar and play piano

and because when i hear his voice singing the rest of the world falls away until the only thing existing is me and the music. the rest of the world cant touch me. which is why i am forever indebted to Ville and HIM for keeping me sane in a world full of confusion.

i owe you so much, and it doesnt bother me that they will probably never know who i am or what they have given me, all that matters is that they continue to give their music to me.

this may sound stupid to some people... and if it does then FUCK YOU...

at least Christian understands what i mean...

love from



A Book Unfinished said...

i understand you!!
its great to find something you love that much that you feel nobody cant touch you. i feel that with iron and wine.

i feel what you feel with HIM but for different reasons...cause yanno....sam or sarah dont have any far as i know...

Helsinki said...

maybe u need to look harder for them tatts... im sure theyre there!


The Enigma said...

YAY! HIM!!!!!
i still need to master 'sacrament' on piano. when i do, i'll let you know!