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Sunday, February 8, 2009


so i actually had this sat night off, which is good, and me, katie and john went out to a good ol aussie pub, the Walkabout. cept i was probably the only aussie in there!

anyway cause they dont have jagerbombs in england as apparently theyre an aussie drink i introduced my mates to them and they were a hit. god love them.

though there was this annoying guy that kept slapping katies ass... so i kinda went up to him and told him katie was my girlfriend and to fuck off. he stopped after that so everytime a guy came up to hit on us we told them we were gay with each other. it worked extremely well.

and cause i got brored of my hair the other night and we were bleaching johns hair i decided to change mine a bit as well. i love it!

signing off...



A Book Unfinished said...

helsinki has gone blonde! well a little blonde! we were meant to say that we were gay together to tim. that was funny "so you two are" "yes tim..yes we are"

yeah he doesnt believe me anymore ;)

jagerbombs!!!! wooooooooo

The Enigma said...

i always new you were a 'natural' blonde if you get my drift :P
hahah! jk, jk!
Ooh the amount of blonde jokes i shall be telling you now...