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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Skins season 3

so in proper skins tradition i have devoured all of season 3 within the space of 24 hours. i did the same with the original 2 seasons as well. its a force of habit. once i watch one i get addicted and need to keep watching and watching and watching.

now, like all skins fans, i face the big choice. the hard one. the decision.

which cast is better?

when it comes to characters i believe that the original cast is better. there are too many links between the characters cook and chris who have the same basic nature and fucked up family life, effy and tony who both share a confident need to control and manipulate the people around them, jj and sid who are the nerdy sidekicks until the ditch their best mate and take control, freddie and jal who both suffer immensely from the lack of a mother figure and struggle with whats left of their family with naomi also displaying jals intelligence and general angst towards the world and instead of a gay dancer, maxxie, we have a lesbian identical twin, emily.

the plot lines are fairly different, it centers mainly around sexual relationships rather then the aspects of the individual lives with the main plot line being about the love triangle existing between effy, cook and freddie after effy turned the boys friendship into a game with the prize being her and the result being 3 best friends getting completely fucked over cause of her actions. also the relationship between coming out lesbian emily and frightened naomi who share a strong bond which is frowned upon by emilys twin, katie.

season 3, however, does end on a much happier note then the previous seasons with a greater sense of conclusion to the stories that did not exist in season 1 when tony was hit by a bus and season 2 when sid went to search for cassie (who i FUCKING HATE).

yet despite the odd amount of similarities season 3 was still incrediably enjoying to watch. even though many of the plots are repeated it still carried it with a fresh attitude rather then being stale.

so i advise everyone to go out and watch season 3 skins. but be warned- it is addictive!

signing off,


characters from left to right:

JJ, Naomi, Emily, Katie, Cook, Effy, Freddie (um HOT much?), Pandora and Thomas

Creep Factor

i like scary things.

horror movies, creepy music and all that jazz. according to my mates, if i was in a horror movie i would die first- cause im always the one to go out and investigate the strange noise. its not my fault that i hate not knowing whats going on! and i havent died from doing it so far...

but i slightly freaked out the other day. not scared- but i DID get a small chill up my spine. currently im staying at my school (i live at the school during the week and crash at my boyfriends on off weekends and holidays) and cause the holidays have just started and im not bailing to johns (my boyfriend) until wednesday cause hes going for his american pilots license (seriously- listening to him study is like entering the twilight zone- i have NO clue about flying plans and all the linguo- but i AM picking up the code (alpha, beta, charlie, delta etc)) and anyway im getting off topic- so im at school by myself. and i dont really mind having the entire school to myself, i mean theres a sports hall, a library and a pool to keep me entertained as well as wireless internet.

anyway i swear i will get back on topic now- so im sitting up in top flat (where me and the yr 8 boarders live) and an episode of supernatural came on. i LOVE supernatural. its the best show ever as im completely in love with dean (the gorgeous Jensen Ackles). but it was an episode i havent seen which means i had no clue when the scary parts were. so its night time, im watching a freaky ep of supernatural about a crazy girl whose mother hanged herself because she was ashamed of being pregnant as it was her fathers baby (so the insane girls father was her grandfather as well) and theres this scene where dean *swoons* is searching the area between the walls and im just waiting for the crazy girl to jump out at me and then suddenly she comes from behind with a bang- except the band came from the base of the stairs. so at first i think im insane and that i imagined the bang from downstairs. until i hear another bang. so then im like 'wtf mate' ( i was more pissed at the interruption to my dean viewing then freaked at this point) so i decide to go and find out what is being a bitch and making the noise. so i wander down one flight of stairs (in the pitch black mind you) listening out. i hear another bang, its coming from a bit further away this time. then suddenly the school bell rings for a second. now THAT gave me the chill. the only way to ring the school bell was in the staff room. which meant there was someone in the building with me.

so my first thoughts were that i has to be a staff member who has a key (there are only like 5 of us with keys) or someone had broken in. now the reason i was freaked was because the staff room has a wall of windows that the blinds never close over, plus computers in it on show for the public. now the bell switch is locate about about 30cm above the light switch for the staff room- except all staff members know that and they are VERY different switches. which is why i was worried. so me, like the idiotic person i am decides to investigate. so i tiptoe down the last flight of staits in darkness (i figured that if it was someone breaking in then i had the advantage in the dark cause i new my way around) and start army walking (thats when you tiptoe from corner to corner) my way to the staff room. i then see that the light is now on in there. i then hear angry cursing coming from inside. so being me, and not some NORMAL person, i keep walking towards the staffroom door, then i hear footsteps walking towards the door and i freeze, the door swing open...

and thankfully my portly, PE teacher walks out. and i scare the shit out of HIM. oh what a joyous night. so that was a summary of the events that occured about... 3 hours ago or so.

now i am streaming episodes of supernatural to get my dean fix. mmmm....

and i have even put a picture of jensen on a bed just so my readers can drool like me... *drools on keyboard* OH and talking about drooling on my keyboard i fucking BLED on my mousepad the other day. ive been getting random nosebleeds recently which is frustrating as hell especially when i get one when im on my computer and i fucking bleed everywhere. im STILL getting blood off the keys. so not cool.

anyway enjoy jensen,


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Movie Demands

ok so anyone that has spoken to me on the issue of the casting of particualar characters in the movie 'Twilight'. i completely loath Nikki Reed as rosalie (actually i completely loath Rosalie in general) because she was chosen due to her close relationship with director Catherine Hardwicke (just to let everyone know- Hardwicke is one of my favourite directors. she is a movie genius). i also dislike Kristen Stewart as Bella as i find her monotone voice grating yet she was recommended by one of my favourite actors, Emile Hirsch (you let me down one this one mate). And finally, i dislike the role of Jacob being cast to Taylor Lautner, who is in no way how i envisioned him.

However, as much as i dislike Lautner, i have come to admire him when i found out that the 16 year old had to do in order to secure his position as Jacob in New Moon. The requirements for him to reprise his role was to gain 30 pound of pure muscle. He has so far gained 26 pounds of that. For us normals folk- thats 11 kilograms of pure muscle to add to his frame. Now for a 16 year old boy, whose probably just finished going through puberty, thats a massive achievement. He needed to gain this in order to suit to changes experienced by character, Jacob Black during his transformation into werewolf. So despite my reservations on having Lautner playing Jacob, he has, by every right, earned his role. So i commend him and wish him the best in New Moon. And hope that he takes his top off so i can see his new 6 pack....

Love from,


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

end of term

i pretty much just wanted everyone to know that i only have 2 more sleeps until the end of term. how frickin awesome is that. 2 more sleeps. then i am free for 3 whole weeks. how joyous!!

and i always wanted to have a bit of a whine about how SOMEONE *cough MADDY cough* decided to call me the other day. at fuckin 5 in the morning. yep thats right. 5. and cause i sleep like a rick nowadays cause of the long hours i have to put my phone under my pillow so that the vibrations wake me up (cause john calls round 11-ish every night and its always on silent so it doesnt wake the girls up) so i was awoken at 5 in the morning do my pillow having a seizure. by the time i had regained enough conciousness to work out what it was maddy had stopped calling.

SO PEOPLE: if u wish to call me thats fine, but REMEMBER THE TIME GAP PLEASE. i would put my english phone number down but i honestly have no clue what it is...

anyway maddy ended up calling me at a more resonable hour which turned out to be an intresting conversaton on the count of her being concussed by a soccer ball (the silly girl DROVE home with said concussion) so i spent a large amount of time convincing her NOT to sleep as when concussed u can slip into a coma and DIE. lovely conversation.

from a very sleepy,


Saturday, March 21, 2009

jealous girls

you know what shits me? jealous girls. its SO frustrating when they think your hitting on their man or something. its like FUCK OFF we're not in primary school any more girl- it IS possible to talk to a guy and NOT want in his pants.

the other night i was talking to a mate of mine n was getting the BIGGEST death glares from this chick that wanted him bad. it seriously pissed me off hard. and it even annoys me more if they're in a relationship cause if shes worried bout him talking to other girls then theres seriously SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE RELATIONSHIP. it doesnt take a rocket schientist to figure that out. so jealous girls- back off. we're not trying to steal your man- we just wanna have a conversation with them without getting glare at!!!

an annoyed little kitten


Monday, March 16, 2009

my sketchbook

i have a new sketchbook. how wicked is that? john got it for me cause he was so sick of me stealing his/anyone else with reaches loose paper whenever i have a tattoo idea (which happens quite frequently here cause im in the middle of designing 2 seperate tattoos for john and all my wishlist tattoos) so he went out and bought me a little A5 black and blue book which i have named Jarpi. i am now quite adddicted to Jarpi. he's generally always on me. i have had him for only 10 days and ive already filled up a quater of him. i just keep on having all these ideas. plus theres heaps of little fact pages in there.

currently jarpi contains:

-multiple wing desings
-the complete pilot code
-theban alphabet
-ancient nordic runes set and their meanins
-scorpio and libra star sign interpretations
-things astrologically associated with jupiter
-how to write in quenya elvish script as well as the complete translated alphabet
-scottish associated symbols and their meanings
-a SHIT load of annotation
-the meaning of certain names
-and a complete bibliography of all my information

i write everything in there that may come in handy when designing a tattoo in the future. it is a detailed recording of where all my designs are coming from. i swear ms. smith would be so proud if she saw how well i was setting out jarpi. except no-one can really read him but me cause its in my shitty short hand scribble. most of the stuff i write in there i write when im walking so its all wonky. and at one point my pen stopped working so theirs a couple pages of me writing 'STU.....F...CK...G...PE..N...WO...NT....WO...K'. but when im an awesome award winning tattoo artist jarpi will be famous cause everyone will want to see where i get my ideas from.

peace out


the end of WOLSLEY

yep. its true. wolsley, my ever loved belly piercing has died. ya wanna know why?



and the worst part of it, other then the dent currently above my belly, is that i have to wait at LEAST a month for it to heal over properly before i have it re-done. i am not happy, not happy at all.


a pissed of kitten


Thursday, March 12, 2009


i got a new dress. yep. thats right. and its pretty. yep. i dragged john shopping the other day cause i needed a new outfit. went into my favourite shop in lincoln, Blue Banana, and sasw this wicked dress. i fell in love. its the one in the pic but its not rey its red and the designs on it are black. and i bought these wicked heels in the same colour red. so of course once i had done that i needed to get matching red nailpolish and lipstick, obviously. i love my new outfit.

so i wana tell everyone- go out and buy a new dress, seriously. it will make u feel pretty and special. so do it. now. why are u still reading this? u should be out buying a dress! GO

love always,


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Suicide Girls

How flaming hot are the suicide girls? i know they've been around for like... EVER but still. i was checking out some of there pics (im bi remember? girls turn me on as well as guys...) and came across this particuarly awesome one. i dont know what drew me to it but i figured i would spread the love.



Saturday, March 7, 2009

time to share the magic of

its like 4chan but there isnt as much anime or porn. and theres more videos. and its more awesome. well actually i think they are as awesome as each other. but seriously- this site shows what happens when potential gets wasted.

two of my favourite videos thus far:

the 'WE LIKE THA MOON' song:


WATCH THEM and become enlightened. let the magic of wash over you and open your eyes to the lovely randomness.

toodles! im off to watch some shitty made videos on


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blink 182


is anyone else as excited as me that Blink 182 are getting back together? cause i am fuckin hyped as HELL. it found out and through the article in this weeks kerrang cause they had an awesome special and i could barely contain my happiness. the news is stunning. its...SO FUCKING GOOD!!



prepare for the music world to be dominated by Blink 182 all over again!!!

signing off as a VERY HAPPY KITTY


Monday, March 2, 2009


i have officially found a replacement for Twilight. except this novel is actually well written.

'Marked' by PC Cast and Kristin Cast is the first novel in a series currently consisting of three books. it is based around the character Zoey who, whilst living the average american life, gets marked and a cresent mooon appears on her forehead showing her as a fledging, or to be more presise, a future vampire. however if her body rejects the change to vampyrism then she will unceremoniously die.

so Zoey is whisked away to the House of Night or as known by the 'normal' kids as 'Vampyre finishing school' where she faces a new set of problems ranging from a obsessed ex-almost-boyfriend to a power hungry bitch of a school leader.

overall the book is awesome. it is not written like a fan fic like twilight but rather has a structured plot line that connects to modern teens by using all up to date linguo and an accurate amount of swearing. it has romance in it without it being like the overpowering nature of Edward and Bella and has accurate references to rituals involving pentagrams and herbs.

so read this book! its awesome. im gunna try and frind myself the second one in the series.

love love LOVE