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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blink 182


is anyone else as excited as me that Blink 182 are getting back together? cause i am fuckin hyped as HELL. it found out and through the article in this weeks kerrang cause they had an awesome special and i could barely contain my happiness. the news is stunning. its...SO FUCKING GOOD!!



prepare for the music world to be dominated by Blink 182 all over again!!!

signing off as a VERY HAPPY KITTY



The Enigma said...

Oh yes, i remember reading that somewhere too!
You know, i'd love to know the reason to why they broke up in the first place... Do you have any idea???

Helsinki said...

because mark was pissed that tom and travis went and made box car racers so mark n tom had a fall out and tom went to make angels and airwaves and mark took travis to make +44.

but now theyre all happy and back together again! weeeeee