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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Creep Factor

i like scary things.

horror movies, creepy music and all that jazz. according to my mates, if i was in a horror movie i would die first- cause im always the one to go out and investigate the strange noise. its not my fault that i hate not knowing whats going on! and i havent died from doing it so far...

but i slightly freaked out the other day. not scared- but i DID get a small chill up my spine. currently im staying at my school (i live at the school during the week and crash at my boyfriends on off weekends and holidays) and cause the holidays have just started and im not bailing to johns (my boyfriend) until wednesday cause hes going for his american pilots license (seriously- listening to him study is like entering the twilight zone- i have NO clue about flying plans and all the linguo- but i AM picking up the code (alpha, beta, charlie, delta etc)) and anyway im getting off topic- so im at school by myself. and i dont really mind having the entire school to myself, i mean theres a sports hall, a library and a pool to keep me entertained as well as wireless internet.

anyway i swear i will get back on topic now- so im sitting up in top flat (where me and the yr 8 boarders live) and an episode of supernatural came on. i LOVE supernatural. its the best show ever as im completely in love with dean (the gorgeous Jensen Ackles). but it was an episode i havent seen which means i had no clue when the scary parts were. so its night time, im watching a freaky ep of supernatural about a crazy girl whose mother hanged herself because she was ashamed of being pregnant as it was her fathers baby (so the insane girls father was her grandfather as well) and theres this scene where dean *swoons* is searching the area between the walls and im just waiting for the crazy girl to jump out at me and then suddenly she comes from behind with a bang- except the band came from the base of the stairs. so at first i think im insane and that i imagined the bang from downstairs. until i hear another bang. so then im like 'wtf mate' ( i was more pissed at the interruption to my dean viewing then freaked at this point) so i decide to go and find out what is being a bitch and making the noise. so i wander down one flight of stairs (in the pitch black mind you) listening out. i hear another bang, its coming from a bit further away this time. then suddenly the school bell rings for a second. now THAT gave me the chill. the only way to ring the school bell was in the staff room. which meant there was someone in the building with me.

so my first thoughts were that i has to be a staff member who has a key (there are only like 5 of us with keys) or someone had broken in. now the reason i was freaked was because the staff room has a wall of windows that the blinds never close over, plus computers in it on show for the public. now the bell switch is locate about about 30cm above the light switch for the staff room- except all staff members know that and they are VERY different switches. which is why i was worried. so me, like the idiotic person i am decides to investigate. so i tiptoe down the last flight of staits in darkness (i figured that if it was someone breaking in then i had the advantage in the dark cause i new my way around) and start army walking (thats when you tiptoe from corner to corner) my way to the staff room. i then see that the light is now on in there. i then hear angry cursing coming from inside. so being me, and not some NORMAL person, i keep walking towards the staffroom door, then i hear footsteps walking towards the door and i freeze, the door swing open...

and thankfully my portly, PE teacher walks out. and i scare the shit out of HIM. oh what a joyous night. so that was a summary of the events that occured about... 3 hours ago or so.

now i am streaming episodes of supernatural to get my dean fix. mmmm....

and i have even put a picture of jensen on a bed just so my readers can drool like me... *drools on keyboard* OH and talking about drooling on my keyboard i fucking BLED on my mousepad the other day. ive been getting random nosebleeds recently which is frustrating as hell especially when i get one when im on my computer and i fucking bleed everywhere. im STILL getting blood off the keys. so not cool.

anyway enjoy jensen,


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Helsinki said...

but there WASNT another member of staff. its the holidays and i have the entire school to myself remember? thats why i had to check it out for myself. it seemed like a good decision at the time...


ps.i am deleting ur comment for improper use of my name - DONT USE MY REAL NAME ON HERE U FOOL OF A TOOK.