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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

end of term

i pretty much just wanted everyone to know that i only have 2 more sleeps until the end of term. how frickin awesome is that. 2 more sleeps. then i am free for 3 whole weeks. how joyous!!

and i always wanted to have a bit of a whine about how SOMEONE *cough MADDY cough* decided to call me the other day. at fuckin 5 in the morning. yep thats right. 5. and cause i sleep like a rick nowadays cause of the long hours i have to put my phone under my pillow so that the vibrations wake me up (cause john calls round 11-ish every night and its always on silent so it doesnt wake the girls up) so i was awoken at 5 in the morning do my pillow having a seizure. by the time i had regained enough conciousness to work out what it was maddy had stopped calling.

SO PEOPLE: if u wish to call me thats fine, but REMEMBER THE TIME GAP PLEASE. i would put my english phone number down but i honestly have no clue what it is...

anyway maddy ended up calling me at a more resonable hour which turned out to be an intresting conversaton on the count of her being concussed by a soccer ball (the silly girl DROVE home with said concussion) so i spent a large amount of time convincing her NOT to sleep as when concussed u can slip into a coma and DIE. lovely conversation.

from a very sleepy,



The Enigma said...

:O Maddy got a concussion?? WTF???
Is she okay now??
Maddy is exactly the type of person who would drive with said concussion
and you're exactly the type of person that'd tell her not to sleep coz she might go into a coma... :P

Helsinki said...

ha yeh it was a fair typical conversation between us....