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Saturday, March 21, 2009

jealous girls

you know what shits me? jealous girls. its SO frustrating when they think your hitting on their man or something. its like FUCK OFF we're not in primary school any more girl- it IS possible to talk to a guy and NOT want in his pants.

the other night i was talking to a mate of mine n was getting the BIGGEST death glares from this chick that wanted him bad. it seriously pissed me off hard. and it even annoys me more if they're in a relationship cause if shes worried bout him talking to other girls then theres seriously SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE RELATIONSHIP. it doesnt take a rocket schientist to figure that out. so jealous girls- back off. we're not trying to steal your man- we just wanna have a conversation with them without getting glare at!!!

an annoyed little kitten



The Enigma said...

Don't worry about em lovie - they are just too insecure to know what's good for em :)
Don't stoop down to their level by worrying about em.

Anonymous said...

Lal. Maybe you were just wearing the same shoes?

Helsinki said...

ha yeh maybe. cept i was wearing my shitty ol ADIO bam signite shoes. i love them. more then life.


Jellykins said...

A part of me thinks this blog was possibly slightly about me based on the date and whatnot =(

But is okay, because you love me now =3