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Monday, March 2, 2009


i have officially found a replacement for Twilight. except this novel is actually well written.

'Marked' by PC Cast and Kristin Cast is the first novel in a series currently consisting of three books. it is based around the character Zoey who, whilst living the average american life, gets marked and a cresent mooon appears on her forehead showing her as a fledging, or to be more presise, a future vampire. however if her body rejects the change to vampyrism then she will unceremoniously die.

so Zoey is whisked away to the House of Night or as known by the 'normal' kids as 'Vampyre finishing school' where she faces a new set of problems ranging from a obsessed ex-almost-boyfriend to a power hungry bitch of a school leader.

overall the book is awesome. it is not written like a fan fic like twilight but rather has a structured plot line that connects to modern teens by using all up to date linguo and an accurate amount of swearing. it has romance in it without it being like the overpowering nature of Edward and Bella and has accurate references to rituals involving pentagrams and herbs.

so read this book! its awesome. im gunna try and frind myself the second one in the series.

love love LOVE



A Book Unfinished said...

oh my god i totally saw these books in the shop on sunda and thought "pff unoriginal losers" but now i am deeply interested if the writing style is better!

yay yay now people will see how shit stephenie meyer is!!!!

i still saw wicked lovely kills everything else though...even though i havent read marked.

and FUCK! i still have to send you howls moving castle!!!!!!

love love love

Helsinki said...

dude you will LOVE Marked. its exactly up our alley. seriously. READDDD IT. i really wanna get the others now!!!