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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Movie Demands

ok so anyone that has spoken to me on the issue of the casting of particualar characters in the movie 'Twilight'. i completely loath Nikki Reed as rosalie (actually i completely loath Rosalie in general) because she was chosen due to her close relationship with director Catherine Hardwicke (just to let everyone know- Hardwicke is one of my favourite directors. she is a movie genius). i also dislike Kristen Stewart as Bella as i find her monotone voice grating yet she was recommended by one of my favourite actors, Emile Hirsch (you let me down one this one mate). And finally, i dislike the role of Jacob being cast to Taylor Lautner, who is in no way how i envisioned him.

However, as much as i dislike Lautner, i have come to admire him when i found out that the 16 year old had to do in order to secure his position as Jacob in New Moon. The requirements for him to reprise his role was to gain 30 pound of pure muscle. He has so far gained 26 pounds of that. For us normals folk- thats 11 kilograms of pure muscle to add to his frame. Now for a 16 year old boy, whose probably just finished going through puberty, thats a massive achievement. He needed to gain this in order to suit to changes experienced by character, Jacob Black during his transformation into werewolf. So despite my reservations on having Lautner playing Jacob, he has, by every right, earned his role. So i commend him and wish him the best in New Moon. And hope that he takes his top off so i can see his new 6 pack....

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The Enigma said...

i thought i was the only one that found Taylor awesomely cool and purty!! *sighs lovingly*
Seriously, everyone is ga-ga over Pattinson but i reckon Taylor TRUMPS him majorly.

As for the actual twilight movie, my opinion on it was not as highly as yours. I don't think Hardwiche did a brilliant job on it but i'm going to base that on the fact that she didn't have much money to fund cgi (uh ohhhh cgi)
I mean, for instance, when Edward goes in the sunlight - it looks like they just googled 'sparkle effects' and did copy and paste. Seriously
Plus, what the hell was with the random flashing sequence at the end which featured Robert and Kirsten in awesome clothing and makeup on a couch (as if it were a photoshoot). Had NOTHING to do with the plot of the film and was only put in there for shock value. *que pre-teens screaming AHHHHHHH!!!!! EDWARDS MOVING IN A PROMISCUOUS WAYYYYYYYY!!!*
Sorry. Felt like a twilight rant :P

A Book Unfinished said...

I love you tory!

i agree with you helsinki about rosalie. however i did picture her looking like Nikki Reed. but her acting is fair crap.

i thought they were going to change the character completly for new moon with jacob. thats so unfair that they put that pressure on a 16 year old kid!
let him live people and not be another arnie!!
we dont need a junour governor of california!!! bastards!
but good on him for going with it. even though i dont think its fair

and now i'm done with my rant. so many rants tonight!