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Monday, March 16, 2009

my sketchbook

i have a new sketchbook. how wicked is that? john got it for me cause he was so sick of me stealing his/anyone else with reaches loose paper whenever i have a tattoo idea (which happens quite frequently here cause im in the middle of designing 2 seperate tattoos for john and all my wishlist tattoos) so he went out and bought me a little A5 black and blue book which i have named Jarpi. i am now quite adddicted to Jarpi. he's generally always on me. i have had him for only 10 days and ive already filled up a quater of him. i just keep on having all these ideas. plus theres heaps of little fact pages in there.

currently jarpi contains:

-multiple wing desings
-the complete pilot code
-theban alphabet
-ancient nordic runes set and their meanins
-scorpio and libra star sign interpretations
-things astrologically associated with jupiter
-how to write in quenya elvish script as well as the complete translated alphabet
-scottish associated symbols and their meanings
-a SHIT load of annotation
-the meaning of certain names
-and a complete bibliography of all my information

i write everything in there that may come in handy when designing a tattoo in the future. it is a detailed recording of where all my designs are coming from. i swear ms. smith would be so proud if she saw how well i was setting out jarpi. except no-one can really read him but me cause its in my shitty short hand scribble. most of the stuff i write in there i write when im walking so its all wonky. and at one point my pen stopped working so theirs a couple pages of me writing 'STU.....F...CK...G...PE..N...WO...NT....WO...K'. but when im an awesome award winning tattoo artist jarpi will be famous cause everyone will want to see where i get my ideas from.

peace out



The Enigma said...

Wow. Ms Smith WOULD be proud... I, let alone, are amazed!!
Well done lovie, well done...

Helsinki said...

oooooh can i can i? except my process is long and thorough full of annoying questions and details. but its SO worth it!

oh and by the way- i can write in elvsish. thats right. be lealous of me...


The Enigma said...

...yes, i shall be 'lelous' of you...
Although i am slightly lelous, i do have to admit :P
Your task for this week: write "victoria is cool' in elvish.

Helsinki said...

hmmm ok. ill have to get the elvish spoken translation before i translate into the written word. it may not be the word 'cool' but the elvish equvilent like... 'special' or something...



Jellykins said...

YES! I'm not the only one who names my scetchbooks! <3

I bought a new one today. A small A5 one that I can carry around with me without my bag digging into me his name is Xander.

Good job on the filling of a quarter of Jarpi already! I wish I could do that. I tend to rub out everything I draw. ;_;

<3 Jellykins